Moochti Prayer

Each week several ladies living in the Kathmandu community gather for a special prayer meeting called Moochti Prayer. The purpose of Moochti is to inform the community about and lift up in prayer the sex trafficking industry. Because Nepal is located between the powerful countries India and China, many women, children, and even at times men are trafficked through Nepal for service in these countries. Very few Nepalis are willing to admit that their country and people are victims of these types of crime. In order to stop human trafficking Moochti understands that the peoples’ eyes must be open, and they must admit this is a problem. This group of women also understands that God is the true solution to end exploitation of human beings. The people involved in this industry need a heart change. Thus, this interdenominational group gathers once a week to lift up the victims and victimizers to the Lord in prayer, pleading with Him to extend justice on these people.

The ladies of the group each have their own story of how the Lord called her to Nepal. They come from all over the world – the United States, Europe, India, Nepal – to serve here in Kathmandu. Many are involved with mission organizations such as the IMB and YWAM. Others work directly with non-profits in Nepal that serve women and children and fight to end trafficking. Some women have adopted girls who have been set free from sex slavery. Others visit safe shelters to minister and witness to women who have been rescued. A few leaders have contact with government officials and lobby for the rights of the abused. Others teach language classes where traffickers are enrolled as students. All of them come with a broken heart over the severity of this tragedy. All come seeking the face of the Lord and pleading that He deliver His children. All know this isn’t right and pray that it would be stopped. Forever.

I have had the opportunity to attend Moochti Prayer a few times since I’ve been serving in Nepal. Ministry to women and children, specifically those trapped in sex slavery, is very close to my heart. I long to see them find freedom in Christ. When I hear stories of the thirteen year old girl who is selling herself to men three and four times her age each night in the tourist district of my city, my heart aches for her. As I think of the young lady who was sold into prostitution by her father because she was just another burden, I find myself physically sick. The nights when I see the mother out late knowing she is searching for someone to pay her for favors so her kids can eat, I get angry wanting it all to end, wanting there to be another way. If I could save all of them, I would. But, unfortunately I know that isn’t possible. Sometimes, I can’t even fight for them. Sometimes, all I can do is pray. The members of Moochti meet each week because they know sometimes gathering for prayer is all they can do to help those in need.

But, these women believe in the power of prayer. They have faith that God hears our cries, that He sees us pleading for His people, that He will answer in His own timing and His own way. They gather because they know that prayer, even as simple as it seems, can move mountains; that prayer can and will make a difference in this situation; that prayer can bring freedom to all who are involved. And just as God has set us free, we pray with all our hearts, that He is at work right now to set other women, men and children free.


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