Sital is Staying; Tinjeen is Leaving

The past few days have been difficult for all of us at the children’s home and Inspiration Fellowship. To catch you up to date (if need be), two of our orphanage boys went missing two days ago. They were running away to their home village. The police were informed and the boys were arrested less than 48 hours after their disappearance. Both have been brought back to the children’s home. Today, the pastor, myself and the boys met together with other leaders to discuss what to do next.

This is one situation that I never expected I would have to deal with. I never imagined the boys would run away. In some ways, I can see their pain and understand where they are coming from, but I wish that they could have confided in someone instead of running. Not having children of my own, I don’t feel very experienced dealing with young boys and discipline or encouragement and support. I was asked to sit in this morning on a meeting deciding what should be done. I couldn’t help but cry once again as we met together and heard the boys requests.

When the young men went missing, one of the boy’s (Sital) father came to the police station to see what was going on. The other boy’s (Tinjeen) family made threatening phone calls to the pastor because Tinjeen was missing. Sital’s father and one of his friends (also a pastor) returned with Bishwa and the boys the the home. His father and this other pastor also sat in on our meeting.

We discussed Sital’s situation first. Though I heard many different versions of what really happened when the boys ran away, Sital said it was not his desire to live somewhere else. He wanted to stay at the home. Sital’s father, who is dealing with some health issues, requested that Sital be kept in the home for a better education and greater support that he did not feel he could provide. My heart broke for this boy as he sat across the room from his birth father. The entire morning I was with them, his father showed Sital no emotion. They never spoke to one another. Sital sat and listened as his father told us that he did not want to take Sital back home. Even as he left Sital’s father merely waved goodbye.

I just cannot comprehend how a father can be so distant. It may be cultural differences, it may be that Sital has not lived with him the past four years. But, I just can’t fathom what it would be like to be a nine year old boy, running away for some reason, then having your own father come and tell you he doesn’t want you. I just cried and cried. In the end, Sital apologized for running away and said he wouldn’t do it again. He will be staying with Bishwa and his family.

Next, we met with Tinjeen. The boy was so nervous. We told him that we loved him and missed him, that he was welcome to stay, but we didn’t want him trying to run again. We also explained, after wise counsel and prayer, that if Tinjeen wanted to return to his village to live with his family members, he was free to do so. Tinjeen has two sisters that live in his village. Both sisters are married and have their own children. Tinjeen said that they have frequently contacted him (how I’m not sure) and have asked him to come back to live with them. This is one reason he ran away.

Tinjeen explained to us that his desire was to go back and live with his family. His request is being granted. Pastor Bishwa will be in touch with his sisters this week to arrange travel plans for Tinjeen. If they cannot come to get him, we will be taking him back to the village. Before we dismissed, we prayed for Tinjeen and his future. Though, we will miss him greatly, I feel that God has wonderful plans for him. Pastor Bishwa stressed the importance of Tinjeen remaining in his faith. I spoke with Tinjeen after our meeting and told him we would always pray for him and desired him to be happy.

It has been one emotionally exhausting week. We will soon lose one child and this will be no easier. Please continue to pray for Sital and Tinjeen.

Pray for Sital, that he knows he is loved here in this family. That he doesn’t feel rejected by his father, or feel that he isn’t good enough. Also, pray that his perception of God as Father is not the perception of his earthly father who is unable to care for him.

Pray for Tinjeen, as he returns to his home village to be with his family. Tinjeen has been through a lot at school recently. Pray that he finds his place with his sisters, that he meets new friends who can encourage him, and that he can find a place to worship and grow in his faith. Pray that Tinjeen can be a witness to those in his village that don’t know Jesus. Also, pray that he can be a support to his family.

Lastly, pray for our family and church as we continue to cope with this situation. I know that the Pastor and Gopi have both been grieving. I myself have been physically ill over the situation. The other children haven’t expressed any emotion, but I can’t believe that they have gone without being affected in some way. Pray that God would use this situation for His glory and for good, even though we don’t quite understand what that means right now.


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