Testimonies of Bible College Graduates

Inspiration Fellowship had the pleasure of hearing two graduates from Bible college in Nepal share their passion for ministry this weekend. Ishoor and Nowa both graduated from the Himalaya Bible Institute on June 10 after completing a five month ministry program. At Bible college Ishoor and Nowa studied the Word of God and were taught to share the gospel throughout their country, specifically in the remote village areas. Both men have a desire to move to the Dumbrea village area to plant churches amongst the evangelized. Both men also have extraordinary testimonies of how God changed their hearts and called them to be pastors.

Ishoor comes from a Hindu background serving as a Hindu priest for seven years prior to his conversion to Christianity! This man was one of the leading Hindu scholars having attained vast knowledge of Hindu religion and history. His intelligence stood high above many of his colleagues. Pastor Bishwa knew this man and began building a relationship with him. Though Ishoor seemed to have everything he could have wanted in his religions position, he sensed Pastor Bishwa possessed a peace that he did not. Ishoor knew something was missing in life. Hinduism could not fulfill all it promised. This priest felt restless and that his life held no purpose. After some time, Ishoor approached Bishwa asking to know more about Jesus. And Jesus became the peace and the purpose this man had been searching for. He says God has provided him the strength to complete Bible college and his desire now is to share his life transformation with others.

Nowa accepted the Lord later in life. With a delightful sense of humor this man made jokes about his old age. Everyone knew he was the eldest in his graduating class, but that won’t stop him from serving with all he’s got. Though his eyesight and hearing are both dwindling, Nowa is living proof that God is our strength. He gives Christ all the glory knowing without his Savior he would have never completed his Bible training. Before his relationship with Jesus, Nowa was a persecutor of Christians. He explained that he would physically beat anyone who tried to share the gospel with him. He himself has now experienced many beatings like the ones he used to give. In the past five months of schooling Nowa has shared the gospel to groups of over 500 people. Knowing it isn’t going to be easy, this future pastor relies on the strength of the Lord remembering how faithful God has been to him.

Please pray for these two gentlemen as they serve the Lord with their lives becoming missionaries in their own countries desiring to see Nepalis come to know Jesus the way that they do.


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