Meet Sarah (6/19/12)

Sarah Tamang just celebrated her 20th birth- day last month. Though still a young woman, she is wise beyond her years, already dedicating her life to serving others in her home and her church. She dreams of gaining a theological education so that she may continue to minister. Sarah was taken in by Bishwa and his family when she was a small girl after her mother died of Tuberculosis. The Khadka family raised her as one of their own, and when more children were added to the home, Sarah began to develop a heart for those children. She did not hesitate to step up and lead her younger siblings. Her secondary education, which she just completed, has always been important for Sarah, but never as meaningful as taking on the role of big sister. That role is much like a ‘house mother’ – cooking and cleaning, washing clothes and fixing hair. This beautiful girl is assured that her future ministry will be just this.

“Because I lost my parents and had someone else take care of me, I want to take care of other children,” Sarah says. “I want to be a missionary and have a big family.”

Miss Tamang plans on pursuing her goals starting in June, as she will have the opportunity to attend Bible College. Unfortunately, this will require her to move out of the Khadka’s home. Sarah will be missed dearly, but the family could not be more excited about seeing God use her!


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