Henna Stories (6/21/12)

Holly uses traditional Nepali body art to tell Bible stories to the women in her community. Each Sunday afternoon ladies of all ages gather in Holly’s home for temporary Henna tattoos and the everlasting message of Jesus Christ.

In Nepal, it is very common to see women with red artistic designs coving their hands and arms, particularly for special occasions. Not only are the Henna curls and shapes absolutely beautiful, for the women who wear them they tell stories and hold meaning. Holly saw this culture’s love for Henna as an opportunity to share the gospel. Using a book called “Henna Stories” she began creating her own designs that reflect stories of women in the Bible.

When the group meets, Holly and her Nepali translator Pawanna, share a story of Jesus’ love to the women. Stories are told in simple fashion in hopes that women will remember and share the stories with others. One at a time, the women are painted with designs helping remind them the week’s story. Each painting has a purpose, and each stroke holds the message of the Lord. These women are pampered and loved for an hour each week, participating in a vibrant part of their culture, and learning the truth of the one true God who can save their souls.


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