Returning to the States

Nepal is a fascinating country with such diversity of Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim people groups, refugees from the Middle East and Tibet, and international travelers from all over the world.  The people of Nepal call their country the most beautiful place in the world.  The vast mountains and rivers are nothing short of incredible.  Rice and chia tea fill the bellies of the warm friendly population.  My time spent with the Nepalis in Kathmandu was both challenging, yet wonderfully life-changing.

I returned to the states mid-June this summer, cutting short my stay in the South Asian country.  Unfortunately, I never fully adjusted as I had in the past during international travels to other countries.  Living half-way around the world is very much different than a few weeks visit.  Slightly disappointed with myself for not being up to the task, I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined and my time spent with the lovely people was worthwhile, no doubt.

I want to say a big “Thank You!” to everyone who supported me the past three months.  As always, without the support and prayers of those in my life, my travels and experiences would have never be possible.  Many people sent loving emails and messages, both during my stay in Nepal and after I returned home.  Knowing I have such a great support system has kept me going when I’ve felt like giving up.

As you may have noticed, I have merged the blog posts I kept on our ministry site onto this blog so that I can have a personal record of my notes and photographs.  I was unable to do this in Nepal due to security reasons.  The dates in parenthesis are the dates when the articles were written.  I will continue updating the reachnepal ministry site ( with information I receive from Pastor Bishwa.   And I will continue updating this blog with new adventures and stories as I continue the journey pursuing my greatest passions.


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