My Wedding Dress

Formal gowns make me giddy. I loved getting dressed up for homecoming, prom and Miss V-A in high school. Followed by sorority formals in college. I have worn a formal dress in probably every color of the rainbow at some point in my life! The colors, designs, beading, uniqueness…simply amazing. I grew up playing “dress up” which most likely resulted in my obsession. After college, my heart broke, because I no longer had a formal event to attend. Thus began the obsession with “Say Yes to the Dress.” Fantasizing over the material and silhouette I would one day wear…that was, if I ever got married.

Marriage…that was so far away. Until then I would just dream about my dress. My feminist boy-bashing and love of white gowns didn’t mesh well with those around me. While watching a wedding show on Netflix one afternoon, I commented that the dress on the screen was absolutely perfect, and that one day I would get married in one just like it! To which, my younger sister replied, “But, you can’t get married! Boys are stupid!” At least I taught her well…

And here I am, just a few years later, getting married. For the record boys are still stupid. I just happened to find the one exception in this world 🙂

My love of dresses also does not mesh well with my disgust of shopping. Shopping is and always has been miserable for me. I want to get in the store, purchase what I want, and get out. I’m not big on browsing…especially browsing at items I cannot afford. Interestingly enough, a majority of the gowns I wore in high school were given to me, bought for me, or borrowed. I only went prom dress shopping once. Once was enough.

Seeing enough horror stories on “Say Yes to the Dress” was also enough to make me know for certain that I did not need the wedding dress shopping experience. My plan was to just skip that step. Instead of shopping in store, I began searching for the perfect dress online years ago. I absolutely refused to set up a wedding Pinterest board before I got engaged. (Now exposing myself) That didn’t stop me, however, from saving photos to a folder on my iPad. I had a “wedding” folder way before I got engaged, I just didn’t want the world to know. I didn’t want to be “that” girl…at least not publicly.

I’d found about 10 zillion dresses that were ‘the one’ for me. It took me so long to narrow down the list to what I wanted on my big day. I only got one shot. How would I express myself on the big day and more importantly for those photos which would hang in my living room for years to come? All I truly needed was the dress and the beach, making the dress now the most important purchase of my life!

After getting engaged, the real search was on. I had less than four months to get a dress. Most wedding experts said I should have had this done months ago, but rarely do I do anything by the book. I made a list of what I really wanted – the best design for my figure, fabric with the right feel, a bit of vintage classic, and a gown that displayed my personality.

I found the perfect match. Until I looked at the price tag – $1500. Our entire wedding barely cost $1500. That wasn’t going to fly. So, there went my dreams. Beyond reach by about $1200.

One afternoon my mom called to tell me about an online sale to get 50-70% percent off wedding gowns online. The catch, the sale ended in less than 10 hours. But, 10 hours was no match to Sara’s type of shopping. I immediately went to my computer to browse the collection. And there it was, my dress. Not really what I had been looking for, not really at all like the expensive ‘dream dress’, but everything I ever wanted. Due to the half-off sale, it was under my dress budget! I went to Chris house after work racing against the clock, together we measured my dimensions with a tape measure, and I ordered that baby!!

Quick, simple and easy. I had a dress! Chris is waiting to see it so I won’t post my picture online, but if you want a sneak peak let me know and I can text you!


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