Recent Happenings

I assure you, I am alive!  Many of you can probably relate to my attempt to blog more.  I love writing, but I am on the computer all the time at work, and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is continue writing on my computer.  But, I’ve been inspired this week to jot down recent happenings in my life, because there have been many.  Thus, I’m attempting to ‘blog more’ in this next phase of my life.

Since moving to Oklahoma City, life has flown by.  I’ve worked for three months at a non-profit called Rebuilding Together.  We provide free home repairs and safety modifications for low-income elderly in the metro area.  At Rebuilding Together I am the Community Relations Coordinator.  That means I write stories, take photos, shoot video, maintain the website and social media.  Check us out – and @Rebuild2gthrOKC on social media.  In addition to the media stuff, I manage volunteer coordination.  I meet the most amazing senior citizens who have fantastic life stories, I attend career fairs and speak to businesses and schools, and I attend conferences and events to learn more about senior care and community service.  Next month I’m going to Orlando, all paid for by the company.  It’s incredible having a full time job with benefits, especially in the current economy.  I am beyond blessed and love what I do!

I thought my job kept me busy enough, but now I’m in the middle of wedding planning!  That’s right! I’m engaged!  I was not expecting that one.  Won’t quite make it to age 30 before saying “I do,” but I found a man who I couldn’t wait for, and that’s how I know it’s right.  Actually, I didn’t ‘find’ a man, I just discovered I couldn’t live without my best friend Chris and after pouring my heart out to him, we decided to get married. I’ll explain more soon. 🙂  We are getting married in December on the beach, which has always been a dream of mine.  Cruising to the Caribbean for the honeymoon, then settling in our cozy home in Norman.

Because we are staying in the metro area, the fiance and I have started to plant ourselves in the community and look for ways to serve and grow together.  We visited several new churches in the Norman area, but ended up back at Summit Church in Newcastle.  Both of us attended Summit in college as it first started almost three years ago.  The Sunday we went back to Summit this fall, I felt like I had returned home and knew it was exactly where I needed to be.  Wonderful exegetical teaching, lovely and welcoming people, and mission possibilities here and around the world.  Outside of church, Chris and I have applied to be community mentors to foster children!  I have always had a huge heart for the orphans.  At some point, we will probably adopt.  Right now, that isn’t an option for us, but mentoring foster children is quite possibly the first step in that process. 🙂

So many exciting things going on, I can barely contain myself.  Hopefully I will do a better job sharing them and keeping you in the loop.  My next ‘blog’ goal is to write out our proposal and pre-wedding plans.  Stay tuned.


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