My Holiday/Wedding Countdown

As the holiday approaches so do the countdowns – 25 Days ‘Til Christmas, 25 Shopping Days Left ‘Til Christmas…it has inspired me to do my own countdown (or two, or three)!  My list, however, has nothing to do with Christmas.  Chris discovered I’m somewhat of a Scrooge when it comes to the holidays.  Maybe I am a cynic…I like to call myself a realist, but I am excited about this time of year.  Just for reasons other than the holiday spirit.  So here it goes…
30 Day ‘Til I Get Married!!
29 Days ‘Til I move in with Chris!
28 Days ‘Til Chris’ house becomes our house!
27 Days ‘Til I Don’t have to pay my own bills anymore!
26 Days ‘Til I Don’t have to brew my own pot of coffee, but can use the Keurig! (at Chris’ house)
25 Days ‘Til I Have internet in my home! (I currently borrow from Chris and Starbucks)
24 Days ‘Til I Can use that internet to watch Netflix and Hulu! (I’m so behind on all my tv shows)
23 Days ‘Til I Only have to clean one house!
22 Days ‘Til I Don’t freeze to death at night because I will finally get to use my electric blanket! (Chris won’t let me use it until we get married…it was a mutual decision, but it only impacts me…??)
21 Days ‘Til I Have my very own washer and dryer!
20 Days ‘Til Combined income!
19 Days ‘Til I Have a back yard! (Suruchi likes this too!!)
18 Days ‘Til I Get a walk in closet that’s twice the size of the walk in closet I have now! (Slightly ridiculous I know)
17 Days ‘Til I Get to decorate our home! (We have so much décor I don’t know what to do with it all!)
16 Days ‘Til I Get to park my car in a garage!
15 Days ‘Til My husband cooks me breakfast every morning! (He just doesn’t know it yet!)
14 Days ‘Til I Don’t have to haul all my stuff from my house to Chris’ house then back!
13 Days ‘Til I Don’t start cooking then realize a key ingredient I need for dinner was left at Chris’ house!
12 Days ‘Til I Don’t have to drive back to my apartment late at night in the dark afraid scary monsters are going to chase me!
11 Days ‘Til I Don’t get back to my apartment late at night all alone and frantically check every room in my house afraid the monsters somehow made it through my locked door and are hiding until I fall asleep!
10 Days ‘Til We go to the beach! (My favorite place on earth)
9 Days ‘Til We don’t say goodbyes at night!
8 Days ‘Til I Don’t wake up alone!
7 Days ‘Til I Get to put on that gorgeous dress!
6 Days ‘Til I Get to take it off!! (Was that too much?)
5 Days ‘Til I Put my incredible custom designed wedding band on and never take it off!
4 Days ‘Til I Will introduce Chris to everyone as my husband instead of fiancé!
3 Days ‘Til My baby Suruchi officially gets a daddy! (Just for the record, Suruchi is a dog. I do not have a kid)
2 Days ‘Til My name changes from Sara Christine Norton to Sara Christine Norton-Sanner!
1 Day ‘Til I Get to marry my best friend!

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