Chris and Sara: Our First Date

At our wedding shower guests had to select which of us (Chris or myself) was more romantic.  If any of you know me, you’d know that this is no competition.  I have zero romantic bones in my body.  Fairy tales set up false expectations for women, in real life not everyone gets to be a princess and Disney fills young girls heads with lies.  Chris, on the other hand, is a hopeless romantic.  He loves buying me gifts, always holding my hand, dancing in the living room and planning extra special dates.  This is one thing I have grown to love about him so much.  He truly knows how to make a girl feel valued.

For our first date, Chris took me on a photo shoot around Norman.  We both love photography.  I enjoy taking photos of my travels, nature and people.  Chris uses his camera to capture tornadoes and thunderstorms and also sunsets.  He wanted to combine a hobby that we both enjoy in the city where we live.  We captured scenes in downtown Norman – the Sooner Theater, mom and pop shops and alley graffiti.  We also visited the art park on Flood Street where local artists paint.  I am a huge fan of modern art and enjoy seeing the paintings at the park change.

By photographing together, we can learn from each other, bounce ideas off one another, grow our skills, and spend time together.  It was a wonderful non-traditional first date that was perfect for our personalities.  Photography is something we have continued to do together on several occasions, visiting multiple locations.  It has played a huge part in our relationship and if we could photograph our own wedding, we would!

You can see a few of my favorite photos from our first date in my post Photos Around Norman.

That’s my handsome man 🙂

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