What’s Up With My Wedding?


Weddings are ironic, I’ve discovered.  Women are built up to believe so many false preconceived notions about the ‘big day.’  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely looking forward to our wedding!  But, honestly, I’m more excited about the honeymoon on the beach.  The wedding is just a formality.

My discoveries have been somewhat disappointing.  For instance, weddings are supposed to be about the bride right?  That’s what I thought.  Oh, but so wrong!  It seems to be more about scheduling to make sure everyone else can be there and picking colors that everyone else is happy with wearing and making sure you don’t forget to send an invitation to your cousin’s boyfriends child twice removed.  I started with my own opinions, but when planning, it definitely did not stop there.  I had to sort through parent’s opinions, sister’s opinion, best friends’ opinions, friends on facebook I’ve met once’s opinions, and what about Chris’ opinion? I’m told his doesn’t matter.  And at some points I felt, neither did mine.

And to get the ‘perfect’ wedding, you must have the ‘perfect’ budget.  My ultimate dream dress was not affordable.  I didn’t get to shop at Kleinfeld’s.  The photographer we wanted – out of the question.  Having 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen just wasn’t going to happen.  In order for my wedding to compare to what I see on TLC, my list of ‘over budget’ could go on and on.

But in the end, what really matters?  For me it’s becoming the wife to my best friend, sharing memories with my loved ones, and having a fun celebration!

So, what did I decide to do?  Something completely different.

WHO: Chris and I decided to have a private ceremony with only our immediate family members.  Because of our destination location, it would have been difficult to make arrangements for extra guests to attend.  To make up for not sharing the actually wedding ceremony with friends and extended family, we chose to host a reception/party when we return from our honeymoon.

WHAT: We wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities and our future marriage – centered on Christ, uniquely individual, creative, classy and non-traditional.  The small ceremony reflected our introverted personalities.  We desired more of a family gathering than putting on a show.  As simplistic as I am, I chose very limited decor with my two favorite colors (purple and teal).  The location will provide plenty of beauty and awe for us all.  Chris and I are both working on individual vows to share.  We have also asked family to share blessings for our marriage during the ceremony.

WHEN: I mentioned above that planning a wedding is more out of convenience.  The most romantic time to get married at our location?  Probably summer.  The most convenient time? December.  Ironic, yes!  Chris proposed on September 15.  We tossed around dates for a long time.  Because of his hectic work schedule, we wanted to avoid spring.  July sounded nice.  It was summer.  July, however, was almost a year away.  We didn’t want to wait an entire year, particularly when we knew we did not want a big wedding that required a year to plan.  So, before storm season it was.  Mid-March looked nice.  But, then we ran into brother and sisters spring break.  And of course, who wanted to wait seven whole months!?  With my job, I get the week between Christmas and New Years off work.  Combine that with my vacation hours I’ve built up and we’ve got two whole weeks that we wouldn’t get any other time of the year!  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have two weeks for our wedding, honeymoon and my move.  The weekend after Christmas was perfect.  Wedding date: Dec. 29, 2012.

WHERE: Location, location, location.  My favorite location on earth is the beach.  When I was little, I didn’t dream about my wedding.  When I got to high school and started dating boys, though, I decided I wanted to get married on the beach with the bright sunshine and blue ocean waves, the wind in my hair and smell of sea salt.  My white dress against the blue sky.  Chris was very open to this idea.  He’d known this was my dream since high school.  We looked at several locations including destination weddings on resorts and cruises.  It’s just so expensive to travel just when immediate family!  Not to mention the vacation time they would have to take off and in such short notice.  And one day it hit me.  I had the perfect location in mind!  I just had to convince Chris of it.  I grew up going to the Gulf Coast in Texas.  Yes, most people think it’s ugly.  Granted it’s not the cleanest, but it’s still the beach!  And it holds such history with my family.  The first time I ever went to the Texas Coast was with my grandmother, who is now passed.  My grandma and papa took my father and his siblings when they were growing up.  My dad took my mom for their honeymoon.  And my parents have taken us as long as I can remember.  In college, a friend and I planned to meet my parents at the gulf over fall break.  Unfortunately, my friend had to cancel, but I convinced Chris to come along with me!  Even Chris and I had memories together of this place.  No where could top it!  And luckily, Chris also agreed that this could be our location of choice!

WHY: Because we love one another.  Because we desire our two families to become one.  Because we want our marriage to reflect God and his love for his people.  Because we know that we are greater together than we are apart.  Because we want to enjoy a relaxing weekend with those who have been with us our entire journey.  Because when we get back, we can PARTY!  And the party, you’re invited to!


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