Chris and Sara: Our Wedding Rings


In the last blog post, I shared the story of our proposal.  Chris became the lucky man I had waited for to present me with my grandmother’s gorgeous ring!  You’ve probably figured this out by reading my blog, but I’m not the most traditional person in the world.  I have a thing for uniqueness and vintage.  Ironically, I’m usually not sentimental, but when it came to my engagement and wedding rings, I wanted my rings to have meaning.

My grandma Patsy was one of the most amazing people on earth.  She inspired me more than anyone in the short amount of time I had to spend with her.  Unfortunately, grandma Patsy passed away when I was only seven years old.  But, the memories I have of her will last a lifetime!  She was a beautiful woman who encouraged independence in all her children and grandchildren.  Her life was an example of love, service, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Grandma always made me chocolate milk and fried eggs, always took me to church and even let me pick out her church dress, and always picked me up from the couch and put me in bed with her and Papa Troy when I had bad dreams.

At one point in life, I felt I idolized her.  It couldn’t be true that someone was really as wonderful as I remember her to be.  I was only a small child when she died and perhaps my view of her was a bit skewed.  But, when I hear other people talk about her patience and kindness, about the way she shared Jesus with everyone and about her care and concern for her family…my view is pretty accurate.  I’m so proud she was my grandma.

When she went to heaven, I felt as if I’d lost my best friend.  I’ve cried over several big events in my life because she hasn’t been there, like high school graduation and when my parents adopted Hana and Colt.  And then I discovered that even though she isn’t here physically with us anymore, her memories and her spirit live on with us…in the lessons she taught us and in the love she shared. Though nothing compares to her actually being her, she left small pieces of herself that we can cherish forever, such as the wine glasses I have in my kitchen, and the stuffed Pound Puppy that sits on my bed, and the ring I now wear on my finger.

Grandma Patsy won’t be at my wedding to see me walk down the aisle (beach) in my white dress.  But, she took me to the Gulf Coast for the very first time and I remember being there with her.  I’m told she’d be proud of the strong independent and courageous young woman I’ve become, because those are qualities she invested in her own children.  She will definitely be there in our hearts.  And to honor her, I chose years ago to wear one of her rings as my engagement ring.  My ring is not a traditional solitaire diamond.  It’s a unique mix of small sapphires and diamonds.  I feel it represents my personality so well.

Because we didn’t purchase the engagement ring, I thought we could splurge on the wedding band.  I wanted something that matched the engagement ring with more sapphires and diamonds.  I searched online for weeks looking for the perfect pair.  Nothing quite fit what I was looking for.  Chris and I visited several jewelry stores that didn’t have anything like what I sought and wouldn’t accommodate what I wanted.  After a few tries, we walked into Kay’s, I explained what I liked and they allowed us to create a custom wedding band no questions asked!  They hand selected sapphires to match the engagement ring and put together the design I created.  And this all came in under budget!


I simply cannot wait to wear the wedding band.  It is absolutely perfect, exactly what I wanted!  And oh yeah…Chris got a ring too!  His is a solid yellow gold band.  It’s less than two weeks until we will exchange those rings and become husband and wife!!  And though I won’t force my daughter or son (if we have any) to use these rings, I would be honored if they would pass them down and begin a family heirloom to remember Grandma Patsy for generations to come.


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