This ‘n That Thursday #3

This: We are 8 days away from our wedding day!  Because we simply cannot do anything like normal people, our “wedding” schedule is slightly crazy.  Tomorrow, we are ‘officially’ according to the state of Oklahoma, getting ‘married’ at the Cleveland County Court House by a judge.  Chris and I, however, are not counting this as our officially being married.  As a friend put it, we are getting married in the eyes of Oklahoma legally on Friday, but getting married in the eyes of God and family on Dec. 29.  In 8 days, we will hold our wedding ceremony on the sandy beaches of the Texas coast and become husband and wife…honeymoon…then Jan. 12 is our reception.  We are hosting a party to celebrate our marriage!! (The one that took place on the beach, not at the court house)  Confused yet?  Just remember, our anniversary will be Dec. 29, 2012.  Wedding reception/party Jan. 12, 2013.  More details on the reception to come!

That: Preparing for marriage has been crazy as well.  I’m moving into Chris’ house in Norman.  He has a wonderful 3 bed, 2 bath home that he has shared with roommates the past few years.  Boy roommates. Boys are stinky and dirty and gross.  And they’ve left the house a bit stinky and dirty and gross.  My OCD super-clean-freak mode has kicked in and that house has been transforming from ‘bachelor pad/frat house’ to ‘classy starter home.’  It’s beginning to look lovely and smell lovely!  I almost have everything I own moved to the house.  Leaving me living out of a suitcase at my own apartment.  All that’s left is moving the big furniture stuff over on Saturday.  I can’t get any of it to fit into my Chevy Aveo.

This: On another marriage note comes the issue of name changing.  What a hassle.  I’m not changing my name entirely, just adding Sanner to the end, and I plan to write a blog post on why, so stay tuned.  On Dec. 29, I will become Sara Christine Norton-Sanner.  Though, maybe not legally.  I will have to change my social security card, drivers license, passport, all my bills, my addresses for all my bills, voter registration…and I’m sure I’ll think of more.  I don’t know when I will find the time and/or finances to do this all.  The most difficult will be my passport.  I still have several years before it expires.  And if I get a new one, I lose all my pretty stamps from the countries I’ve visited throughout college.  Passports are $200.  I may wait a few years and when it expires officially then ‘legally’ change my name.  That seems to be the most logical since I’m not ‘required’ to change my name when I get married.  But, you can call me Sara Christine Norton-Sanner, or Sara Norton-Sanner, or Mrs. Norton-Sanner, or SC Norton-Sanner, but don’t lose the Norton.  Before you judge, read my blog coming soon!

That: The last marriage issue of today – weight.  This one is pretty comical.  And I preface by saying I love my fiance and am only doing this because he has asked me to help him.  Most of the time, it’s the bride who starves herself to make sure she can fit into her wedding gown.  But, you already know, we never do things like most people.  In our circumstances, it’s Chris who is trying to shed the pounds so he can fit into this ‘wedding pants.’  You see, I ordered my dress a little big so it could be tailored to fit my body.  When it came in ‘a little big’ was like 4 sizes too big!!  It had to be taken up twice, several inches both times!  If I lose weight it’s going to fall off.  Lucky me 🙂  Because Mr. Sanner, bought his pants the size he thought he was…and they ended up being a little too tight.  Here he is struggling to cram into them, while I make sure I don’t drop anymore pounds.  He complains on Facebook that I won’t let him eat ice cream.  What he doesn’t know is I’m sitting at work eating cookies and laughing that I won’t let him eat ice cream 🙂

This: I think I’ve earned the right to put ‘professional mailer’ on my resume.  The past few weeks I’ve mailed out over 250 wedding reception invites, more than 75 thank you notes for wedding gifts, and approximately 300 holiday cards at work.  The local post office should know me by name.  I’m almost certain I’ve bought their entire collection of Christmas stamps.  At least that’s what my bank account reflects.

Enjoy your week heading into Christmas, and check out Jena’s blog.  She started This n’ That Thursdays!

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