New Year’s Resolution #2

Potty-train our little girl – Suruchi Poochi.

My second resolution is quite comical – nothing insightful, spiritual or philosophical about it.  Yet, it must be done.  I love my little puppy Suruchi.  She’s an almost 2-year-old pug.  You can learn more about both our pets here at Merry Christmas to Me!  As I’ve always been a cat-lover, the issue of pet poopy has never mattered much before.  You buy a box, put gravel in it and the cat uses it.  No training and no questions asked.  But when it came to a puppy dog, it was an entirely different ball game.  Suruchi relieves herself whenever and wherever she feels like it.  Maybe convenient for her, not so convenient for me.  This silly puppy has cost me more time and energy than I know what to do with, trying to take her out when she needs to go, and clean up her mess when I take her out but she doesn’t go.  Cats are so much easier, and a much better pet.  Suruchi has only confirmed this truth.

Last year, I realized that I put her in an unfortunate predicament, leaving her at home by herself while I went to work each day.  I blamed myself for her lack of appropriate potty skills because I was not home enough to teach her.  So when I discovered she peed on my dirty clothing, I bought Suruchi pee-pee pads to use – complete with a picture of a happy dog on the front.  Though Suruchi enjoyed going on any clothing item I happened to leave in the floor, she completely ignored the pee-pee pad.  This forced me to constantly pick up after myself (thanks Suru) and left me searching for more options to use as her toilet. 

I ended up finding many “home remedies” on Pinterest for cleaning up dog smell and preventative sprays for keeping her from using the same patch of carpet again.  My apartment did smell better, but Suruchi just found spots in the house where I hadn’t used the spray and began using those.  What a nightmare.  I came to the conclusion that I was just a horrible dog mother.  And I paid a pretty penny to have the carpet in the apartment shampooed when I moved out.  Cats are much less expensive. 

Still feeling absolutely terrible for my untrained dog peeing everywhere…including my parent’s house, Chris’ house and his parent’s house, While the cat has her box and uses it appropriately, Suruchi still uses the floor.  I have begged her to follow in the cat’s footsteps.  I’m pretty sure she just laughs at me.  But, NO more!!  I decided we must crack down on her potty problems. 
In 2013, I will potty-train my poochi!  It definitely helps that Chris works from home.  He’s with her all day and can let her out when needed.  We also have a backyard which will be so helpful.  I can throw her out anytime I want without having to supervise her and make sure she isn’t playing in the street (which she loves to do).  For the record, cats don’t play in the street.  And she also gets ‘time out’ when she does use the potty in the floor.  Now that I have Chris, a backyard, and a time out zone for punishment I should be all set in accomplishing resolution #2.  


One thought on “New Year’s Resolution #2

  1. Here is my all time tip for potty training. Get a crate. Dogs do NOT like to potty in "their" space. So get one that is just big enough for her to turn around in and put the potty pads in there. When you guys are gone she goes in the crate. I can't say I'm the best doggy mom because my pug also has issues. But his is a dominance thing (he would pee on Trey's pillow hehehehe). We got him neutered and it is already getting better. The crate works wonders though. They don't ever potty in their crates!

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