This ‘n That Thursday #4

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…seems that I’ve skipped a few Thursdays between then and now, so to fill you in


And celebrated Christmas 3 times, and went on a honeymoon, and moved into a new house, and went back to work.

Not sure if all of those qualify me to miss a few weeks.  I’m sorry if you count me as a slacker.  But, I’m back now, so here we go…

This: Moving into my new home continues…still.  One of Chris’ relatives asked me how marriage was and before I could think, I answered “messy.”  Chris later told me that wasn’t the best answer.  Probably not.  Our marriage relationship isn’t messy, but the process of marriage is very messy.  We have boxes all over our house, duplicate presents to take back to stores, piles and piles of things in the garage to donate (and they keep my car from fitting in the garage, which keeps me freezing in the morning when I have to walk outside), and furniture that won’t fit into our house.  I’m the type of person who wants to get it finished all RIGHT NOW.  I want my house to be spotless, I want my car to fit in the garage, I want my closet to be organized, RIGHT NOW.  Chris, on the other hand, is so chill.  He lives in the world where “it gets done when it gets done.”  This drives me crazy because it makes the transition such a slooooooow processes, but he also keeps me sane and grounded and from overworking myself.  We work well together.

That: I don’t like shots.  I pass out every time I go to the doctor, or to the eye doctor, or to the dentist.  It just happens. Many people have told me to control it, but I can’t.  Trust me, if I could control it I would.  And I’m not pretending.  It’s real.  It’s called vasovagal syncope and I’ve dealt with it for years now.  Please look it up if you aren’t familiar with it.  The media has made a huge hype over the flu, which causes me to freak out over the flu.  I never get a flu shot, but in my line of work, the shot is recommended.  I even spoke with a health professional via Twitter asking if it were completely necessary that I get a flu shot.  I was given a list of all the horrible affects of the flu and what it will do to me if I get it.  (I’ve had it twice and still don’t want the shot)  Some how, my paranoia kicked in and I became determined to get a flu shot, not for me mainly, but for the health and wellness of my elderly clients.  Basically, I was guilt-ed into it.  Chris and I decide to visit a local pharmacy, only to discover they are out.  We didn’t have time to go anywhere else.  The entire week all I can think of is how I’m going to become a carrier of the flu and pass it on to everyone I meet, then I will get the flu also and I will be so sick I can’t stand myself.  I drive myself crazy, until the Holy Spirit begins to speak to my heart.  He reminds me that in those moments of freak-out, I was putting my trust in a vaccine.  I was believing that if I got a vaccine, that I would be just fine and have no reason to worry.  When what I really needed to do was to put my trust in Jesus knowing that if He wills me to be healthy, then I will be protected from the flu.  When I shifted my trust over to Him, I felt so much better.  **Disclaimer** I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get a flu shot. I even plan on trying to get one again. What I am saying is that the ultimate glory for our health goes to God, not to a vaccine.

This:  That ended my flu panic.  In the mind of Sara, however, if I’m not worried about something, there is a problem.  Thus, my mind switches from worrying about getting the flu to worrying about becoming pregnant.  Getting married increased my chances of motherhood 100%, which is a terrifying thought.  I’ve only been married three weeks and I’ve already convinced myself several times that I’m with child.  Which is NOT true.  Any time something unusual happens I think, “Oh my goodness, I’m pregnant!”  As if getting pregnant is the cause of any and every symptom I may have.  Though, Chris and I are being cautious, I still let fear overcome me.  My husband assures me that I’m making trouble out of nothing at the present moment.  I guess I can’t really deal with something that hasn’t happened yet, and there is no need to worry and stress over that which I have no control.  I need to look at it like I have looked at the flu, knowing God is in control of my body.  He creates every child at the perfect time for His glory.  I can put my trust in that and kick my worries out the door.

That: My new sister-in-law, Amanda, is getting married!!  Over Christmas break, I was asked to be in her wedding!  I’m thrilled to join her on her big day!  This will actually be the FIRST wedding I have ever been in.  So, I’m very giddy over it and excited to get a pretty dress to wear.  You can check out her blog at Becoming A. Roundtree!


3 thoughts on “This ‘n That Thursday #4

  1. You have been a busy little bee!! Such a very exciting time in your life! Married! New House! Its messy but so exciting and wonderful! I said a little prayer… Lord, Protect her from the flu…

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