This n’ That Thursday #5/Monday Morning Memo

So my This n’ That Thursday seemed to linger on through Friday, then Saturday and Sunday.  I’ve decided to call it my Monday Morning Memo (name taken from the OKC South Chamber weekly email) and finish it up.  Recently RoachedThis: It’s been one of the biggest weeks of the year for us at work.  My non-profit is currently hosting nine volunteer teams made up of AmeriCorps members from all over the U.S.  I’m sure you’ve seen us on the news, and if not possibly in the newspaper.  I’ve taken camera crews to our nine worksites numerous times this week.  Working 10 hour days is not for me!  Granted, I love what we do at Rebuilding Together, but working this much is exhausting.  In addition to that, our website crashed, and our hosting company is not helpful.  It’s a mess.  Only one more day of craziness, then I get the entire weekend off!  Thankfully, the people we help continue to remind us how much they care, which makes it all worthwhile.  Check out our news coverage:News 9 – Volunteers Repair Homes in OKC Historic NeighborhoodNews 5 – AmeriCorps members come to Oklahoma to serveNews 4 – Service Day: Rebuilding Together honors MLKThat: I went wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law Amanda!  She found a beautiful dress!  And to my surprise, I also got my bridesmaid’s dress for her wedding.  I didn’t plan on purchasing anything for myself, but found a cute little satin cocktail dress in just the right color and size!  Now onto getting some brown cowgirl boots to wear with it.  If you have any in size 6 1/2 that I can take off your hands, send them my way.  This: I came to a realization this week meeting AmeriCorps members from all over the United States, that I really appreciate living in Oklahoma.  I have never been a huge state supporter.  I’ve always thought that Oklahoma was somewhat boring and blah.  And parts of it are.  But, hearing all of the stories this week of volunteers who live in other states and cities, Oklahoma seems to be one of the most hospitable states in the country.  Granted I’ve heard this before, but I didn’t truly believe it.  Giving it another thought this week, however, and considering all my travel experiences of the past, I’d have to agree.  Oklahoma is a very friendly state.  The people are truly concerned with one another and making our state a better place.  Over this past week, I’ve grown quite fond of my state!  I still desire to travel the world and visit new places, and I have zero plans of moving back to the “middle of nowhere” Oklahoma, but I am very content living in the city and state that I do.  Thanks MLK Work Week volunteers for helping me see this!  That: After my crazy week, I crashed on Saturday.  Can’t really even remember what I did other than get my haircut and nap with my puggy and kitty.  Part of Saturday and on Sunday, Chris and I put some work into the house!  We have a new lamp for our living room, and our picture frames now have photos of people we actually recognize in them.  And best of all – my car now fits in the garage!!  That was one aspect of the new home that I have been looking forward to since getting married!  Our home looks fantastic!  We still have a few projects to finish, but the big work is out of the way.  I’m very grateful that Chris let me move in and put some grown up touches on the place.  We look forward to hosting a Home Group here, and I’m so proud to call it our home!  


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