This n’ That Thursday

Katie Did WhatThis: I’m working to change my online presence.  I personally spend wayyyyyy too much time on social media.  Facebook and Twitter are addicting, and have kept me from other activities, which I’m finding to be more important.  I’m not going to drop all social media all together, but I will be focusing much more on my blog than other media outlets.  Speaking of which, my blog is undergoing some construction.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve created new tabs up-top.  It’s still a work in progress, but as of now, you can check out my new About the Author page!  That: Part of my trying to cut down on social media has led to extra time I’ve had to spruce up our home.  I’ve never considered myself much of a decorator and I have a hard time keeping up with what’s “in” as far as home decor goes, but Chris and I have added more personal touches to the Norton-Sanner Home.  Returning duplicate wedding gifts has not been fun, but recently we’ve gotten past buying what we “need” and have been able to purchase some nice things that we “want.”  Today, I bought new curtains for our bedroom!  from This: Chris and I are starting to consider locations for this year’s vacations!  We’ve been invited to Washington D.C. to visit our aunt and uncle who live there.  I’ve never been before.  It may possibly be our 4th of July holiday this summer.  We also want to travel to Thailand to do a mission project, hopefully in media and communications.  I have been researching several mission organizations looking for a need that we could help fill.  So many wonderful ministries exist and I want to be a part of them all!  My prayer is that God would guide us in our decision making, that we may be used for his glory!  If you have any suggestions for organizations you’d recommend, let us know!  And please, keep us in your prayers.  

our wedding day!That: We celebrated our one month anniversary this week.  The time has flown by, as everyone said it would.  On Tuesday night, Chris took me to Cuppies and Joes, an OKC coffee shop.  We bought one flower that now sits on our kitchen table to signify the one month we’ve been married.  I’m so blessed to have such a loving and patient man, who sticks by my side through it all.  Looking forward to many more months and years.      


4 thoughts on “This n’ That Thursday

  1. Ahhh going on a Mission trip is on my bucket list, definitely! What an amazing experience that will be! You will be in my prayers, girl. Also, happy one month!!Thanks for linking up! :)xo

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