The Surprise Wedding Gift

Chris and I received a surprise wedding gift today.  It wasn’t anything knew, instead a gift we’d already been given had taken on a new form.  Let me explain…

We had our wedding shower back in November.  Before our wedding day, we sent out thank you notes for all of our shower gifts.  We wanted to personalize the “Thank You’s” and spent time writing notes to thank everyone for the specific gift we were given.  Someone from our hometown bought us a lawn trimmer.  I was thrilled because I’d noticed Chris’ sidewalks had grass growing over them.  Because I’m OCD, this really bothered me.  There should not be grass on the sidewalk.  Now that we had new trimmers for the yard, I was going to use these to tidy up around the front and back walkways. It was, however, way too cold outside so we just put the trimmers in the garage and wrote the “Thank You” waiting for a warmer day.

Fast forward to the month of January.  My mom asks me one day over the phone what happened to the Santa we’d been given for our wedding, as she hadn’t seen it over Christmas.  I told her that we never got a Santa.  Apparently, a lady we know makes ceramic Santa’s.  This crafting woman assured my mom that she had given Chris and I a Santa for our wedding gift.  And she went on to ask my mom why we didn’t mention the Santa in our thank you note.  I was certain that we hadn’t gotten a Santa of any kind for our wedding.  I made sure to write down every gift in our wedding book.  Mom was stuck in the middle of two women who were convinced the other was crazy.

Fast forward to today, a bright sunny Saturday – perfect for yard work!  I decide that I will spend some time trimming up the yard and preparing for a garden this spring.  It was time for the trimmers!  Man, was I excited!  The trimmers were still in the box, in the garage where we had put them several months before.  Bringing them in the house I begin to unwrap the orange cardboard box.  I pull out some tissue paper and throw it in the trash.  Next comes a rectangular object, also wrapped in paper.  I sit it on the table.  More tissue paper follows and also ends up in the trash.  That was it.  The box was empty.  I look on the box, which tells me there should be a charger with the trimmers.  I find myself frustrated that I can’t find the charger and almost yell at Chris (thinking he has used it and not put the charger  back in the box).  But, while I want to yell, I start to unwrap rectangular object that I’ve been assuming is the trimmer.  As the tissue paper falls away, my urge to yell at Chris is gone as well.  My should be trimmer is none other than a ceramic Santa!

I started laughing, and I did yell at Chris, but for an entirely different reason…to inform him we had a Santa!  Chris had no idea I’d even talked to my mom and I had to explain the entire situation to him.  While I’m laughing, I’m also slightly saddened that we didn’t get lawn trimmers after all.  And I will be writing a new thank you note.


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