Yoga Puggy

I try to do yoga each day…okay…more like 3 times a week to keep my body healthy and in shape.  I’ve never been much of a work out person.  Working out hurts.  I understand that’s the whole point, but it does NOT make sense to me.  I don’t like to hurt.  And I try to avoid things that make my muscles and joints ache.  Throughout the years, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy dancing, gymnastics and yoga.  These three are more artistic and much less painful.  My yoga instructor, aka the instructor from whatever yoga video I watch on Hulu Plus, tells me that if I’m straining that means I’m pushing it too much.  I like that.  With yoga I can exercise without forcing my muscles to bulge and my body to ache with pain.  Because, let’s face it.  If it hurts, I’m not doing it.

This morning I slowly woke up and began my morning routine.  Which means I groggily roll out of bed and slowly take myself into the living room to do a yoga workout half asleep.  My faithful puggy follows beside and finds her normal spot on the couch.  Suruchi sits all pretty and comfy to watch as I awkwardly bend and twist my body into unnatural positions that surprisingly often feel quiet nice.  I envy my poochi.  Apparently, poochi envies me too.  Today, she decided that the crazy yoga poses mama was attempting looked much more fun than watching from afar.  Resulting in this:

Either Suruchi thought yoga looked extremely fun and she wanted to participate…or mom looked a lot more comfortable than the couch and she found a new seat.  I’ll leave that one up to you to decide.  

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