Three Favorite Stores

I am getting so addicted to these blog link-ups!  Meeting amazing women (not that men can’t blog, they just don’t link-up), reading funny and inspirational stories, and getting to share my thoughts with even more people.  I actually found this link-up “Tuesday Topics” through another blogger who linked-up for the “Two Truths and a Lie” post.

Tuesday Topics with Tiffany @ The Austin Family Diary and special thanks to Jessie Leigh!

The Austin Family Diary

Three Stores:
1. Old Navy
Old Navy is my favorite place to buy clothes.  They are simple and classic, just my style and Old Navy has always had jeans that are the perfect fit for my body.  Love their cargo pants, comfy tees and skirts!  
2. Come Together Trading Company
I love these guys so much that I’ve tagged them in my “Organizations I Support” page.  I first met Come Together at Trade Days in Canton, Texas.  The owner and her husband talked to me for a long time about their passion for sponsoring children and selling items to make a difference in the lives of women and families all around the world.  I fell in love with their vision and their heart.  Since then, I purchase shoes, bags and gifts for all occasions from their site.  Together we can change the world!
3. Hastings
Books are such a joy!  I could spend hours in Hastings pouring over novels and nonfiction.  It does help that Hastings in Norman has one of the BEST coffee shops with a delicious Chai Tea Latte.  Was a perfect study spot in college, now a perfect place to relax and explore.  

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