Learn What Your Name Means Day

comme ce yama tu llama? umm...i think thats how its spelt. its supposed to mean "whats the name of your llama?" but hey, i speak 'merican! ha...joke again...

March 4 is Learn What Your Name Means Day!  It’s also a very special day for me because it was my Gramma Patsy’s birthday and it’s my birthday eve!!  I’ve got several reasons to celebrate.

Punchbowl.com writes, “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are at least 151,671 last names and 5,163 first names in use in the United States. To celebrate Learn What Your Name Means Day, take a few minutes to find out the meaning behind your name!”

In honor of this fabulous day, I’m going to share the meaning behind my name and the names of the members of my family.

Sara – princess

Christine – Christ-bearer

Norton – one who came from Norton (the homestead or village north of another)  

Sanner – one who had a keen sense of perception

Therefore, I am a princess Christ-bearer who came from the north with a keen sense of perception.  I’ll take that!  

My parents named me after my great-grandmother Nora Christine Moore.  They carried on the tradition when they named my younger sister Hana Christine.  

Onto the husband:

Christopher – Christ-bearer (Same as mine!  We technically have the same name.)  

Cody – helpful

Sanner – one who had a keen sense of perception

Chris only has three names.  Not as cool as I am.  He is a helpful Christ-bearer with a keen sense of perception.

We are almost exactly the same person.  Too weird.

And can’t leave out the kids:

Suruchi (our dog) – of Nepali origin, meaning delightful one.  Suruchi was named after a little girl I taught in Nepal, and she sure is delightful!

Kiki (our cat) – A diminutive (or pet name) of a given name is a short and/or affectionate form of names beginning with or containing the sound K.

Chris’ mom named our cat for us because we couldn’t find a name that fit her.  Kiki is a ‘pet name’ so it seems to fit just right.

Ironically, the variants of our cats name are also our own names – VARIANTS: Chris, Chrissie, Chrissy, Christa, Christi, Christie, Christy, Ina, Kristi, Kristie, Kristy, Tina, Christabel, Christabella, Christabelle, Christobel, Kris, Kristia (English), Christa, Christel, Christin, Ina (German)

Her name being a variant of the name Chris and I both share make it even more interesting.  There is no denying that Kiki belongs to us!

Your turn!  What does your name mean?


2 thoughts on “Learn What Your Name Means Day

  1. Mine: Amanda- Worthy of Love, Brooke- Lives by a stream, Sanner- One who has a keen sense of perception. So I lovable, with a keep sense of perception, and I live by a stream.Future last name: Roundtree- One who came from, or leaved near a rowan tree. So should I live near a stream or a rowan tree? (What is a rowan tree?)Trey: Three, Ryan: Little King. Trey is the third little king of the rowan tree.Ava: (Avalyn wasn't there lol) Like a bird, Ann: Gracious, Ava is a gracious bird who lives in a rowan tree. We are awesome.

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