25 Wishes for 25 Years

Today just so happens to be my birthday!  If you are my friend on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve already noticed.  It’s hard to miss someone’s birthday on Facebook.  Today I’m a quarter of a century old!  The big 2-5.  My husband says this makes me old.  It’s crazy to think that on average my life is 1/3 lived.  If I live to be the oldest woman in the world, I’d be 116 years old and just over 1/5th of the way there.  The oldest woman in the world lives in Japan and just turned 115 last month.

…those are my thoughts on making it to 25.

Looking back over the last 25 years, I’ve accomplished so much.  More than I could have ever dreamed of! What I didn’t expect at this age was to have already traveled around the world and to have been married.  Those are amazing and unexpected blessings that have been the most exciting times of my life this far.

I’m at such a neat place in life right now, what more could I possibly ask for?  Of course, I can always think of something.  Just for today, in honor of my special day, I’m going to list 25 wishes that I have for myself and the world around me.

1. I wish I had a new playlist to listen to at work.  Luckily, I am currently working on one based off the Bonnaroo ’13 lineup!  If you have artists to recommend, send them my way.

2. I wish we had better public transportation in the OKC metro.  If I didn’t have a car, I wouldn’t have to pay for gas, insurance, car repairs, etc.  Would save so much money.  My car currently needs all 4 tires replaced.

3. I wish my college friends lived closer.  I miss them way too much.  The saddest thing about being 25 is not having the my college friends around anymore.  I’ve become a boring old person for sure.

4. I wish my kitty would have her babies.  Kiki is pregnant.  She looks like she could pop anytime.  And by our mathematical calculations, which may or may not be correct, she is due yesterday.  If I could share a birthday with my grand-kittens, now that would be a cool bday present!

5. I wish we could book a trip to Thailand already. My husband and I want to travel to the SE Asian country to do media work with missionaries.  We’ve contacted everyone we can think of and are running out of options.  Unfortunately, due to work schedules we can’t go on any mission trips with our church.  And we can’t find trips that are art/media based.  It’s discouraging to feel that your gifts and talents don’t have a place in ministry.

6. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and still be healthy.  With my age, I’ve noticed that I can’t eat like I used to.  And it’s so much harder to stay in shape than it used to be.

7. I wish people would read directions and follow the instructions.  It would make my job so much easier.

8. I wish the White House would stop complaining about North Korea spending money on a professional sporting event instead of helping its people, when the United States has debt out its own eyeballs and high unemployment, children going to bed hungry, foster kids without homes, homeless citizens, elderly without the care they need, etc.  Let’s work on our own country instead of criticizing others, America.

9. I wish social media didn’t rule the world and we could go back to days without Facebook and Twitter.

10. I wish I could do nonprofit work and fight for social justice free of charge for the rest of my life.

11. I wish this year during Women’s History Month (also my birthday month of March) that women in America particularly would not take for granted all of the rights that women have won for us in the past.  And also that people in America would be thankful for how far women’s rights have come in the past, but realize that our fight is not over.  There is still work to be done, right here at home.

12.  I wish people would “live simply, so others can simply live” and share the resources they have with others.  Not seeing it as the government taking away their money to fund the lazy or church begging for more tithes, but instead valuing human life and understanding that God gives blessings so that we can share with others.

13. I wish that email lists would really unsubscribe me when I choose to unsubscribe, instead of ignoring my request and continuing to send me junk mail anyway.

14. I wish people would actually think I’m 25 today instead of still in high school.

15. I wish I could drink more than 4 cups of coffee in one day.  And by cups I mean huge travel mugs, not just an 8oz. cup.

16. I wish I could be a stay-at-home wife so I could craft and garden all day long.

17. I wish my dog would be more social.  Hopefully the upcoming Doggie Date Nights will help with this.

18. I wish Christians would be more in tune with the arts and see a need for creative expression in music, writing, graphic design, painting, media, film, culture.  There are really creative people in the church.  Let them use their gifts.

19. I wish I could mentally go back to the way I thought as a child when I embraced my individuality and creativeness and didn’t care what anyone else thought about me.  My fear of failure and desire to people please need to go away.

20. I wish people could agree-to-disagree more often and have intelligent and challenging conversations without ruining friendships and hurting feelings.  Not all things can be seen as black and white, and not all issues must be agreed upon.

21. I wish I could drive a race car.  I like to drive incredibly fast, but that isn’t looked highly upon on state highways.  I need an outlet.

22. I wish people would just be honest.  Tell the truth.  Don’t lie for your own gain.  Just do fair business and respect people.  It’s really not that hard.

23. I wish Starbucks didn’t cost so much.  I love coffee, but sometimes it’s just not worth it.

24. I wish human trafficking would become a problem of the past.  People are not property.  Boys and girls are not objects to be used.  We as human beings need to step beyond slavery.  We are better than this.

25. I wish in my lifetime that I will be able to open an orphanage, write a novel, open a fair trade store, own a house on the beach, and continue to travel the world.


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