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Interestingly enough, I’m still in Oklahoma.  I’m an Okie, born and raised.  My husband often says I’m the biggest red neck he’s ever met, though I like to pretend I’m a city girl.  I never imagined at this point in my life I would still be living in Oklahoma.  I’ve traveled the world several times and have fallen in love with other cultures and cities and countries, yet, God still has me here in my home state!  I love living in Oklahoma, particularly the metro area.  It’s an up and coming place with so many neat cultures like the Asian District, the Paseo and Bricktown.  One of our favorite parts about OKC is all of the food choices we have.  Chris and I have tried Mediterranean, African, New Mexican, and Thai foods, just to name a few.  Life is definitely not what I expected it to be, and not really what I dreamed of as a child, but it’s even better!   No matter where Chris and I may live in the future, Oklahoma will always be the place we grew up and made our newlywed memories.  


2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Bloggers

  1. Such an awesome post! Thanks for linking up with Veronica and I. I never imagined OK would be my home either, although I didn't grow up here. I will admit, I was really upset about moving here. I thought there wouldn't be anything to do but boy was I wrong. It is amazing all the things this great state (especially the metro) has to offer!

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