I’ll be Missing You, Norman

My last post got me thinking.  What am I going to miss most about Norman?  Moving to the city seems like an upgrade, because the city is bigger and offers a whole lot more.  But, Norman still has that small town feel that we won’t get in OKC.  Not to mention the fact that I have spent years of my life here, making tons of memories with friends, and becoming comfortable and knowledgeable of all Norman has to offer.

So here we go, the official “What Sara Will Miss about Norman.”

1. Blu – My college friends and I have a tradition of visiting this wine bar in cocktail dresses.  Even though we are overly dresses when we go for a drink, we always have an excellent time!  We’ve even met a few new friends, who introduced us to The Diner, also a spectacular place.

2. Doggie Date Nights – Spending Thursday nights with my amazing friends and their poochies!  I’m definitely going to miss our girl time, as will Suruchi.  She will miss playing chase for hours. 

3. Ozzie’s – The all you can eat weekend breakfast at the Norman airport.  There just isn’t another.  Who doesn’t love watching planes take off and land? 

4. Roommates – Having friends stay/live in our guest room.  We love hosting people in our home.  Downsizing to a smaller place will make this a little bit more difficult.  But we still have a futon and two bathrooms.  You are all still welcome 🙂

5. Lyon’s Park – This artsy park in the heart of town is where my hubby proposed.  We liked to attend the Summer Breeze Concert Series here while eating sno cones.  

6. Campus Corner – Just the atmosphere and Boomer Sooner Spirit.  Plus, any thing and everything you’d ever want to eat, including Fuzzy’s Tacos.  I’m not sure we have one of those in the city. And I never did get to eat at the hot dog place. 

7. Garage – Having a garage to park my car in.  At our new complex we have to pay extra for that.  My car isn’t worth that much, sorry Black Pearl (my car’s name).  But, also the burger place on Main Street, but I know OKC has like 2 of these.

8. Eskimo Sno – Sangria snow cones are simply the best!  I get that same flavor every. single. time.  Oh, well…summer is almost over anyway. 

I just noticed that most of these have to do with food.  That means I may or may not have a serious problem.  I’ll let you decide.  I’m definitely one of those people who works out just so I can eat whatever I want.  If I run a mile, then I get the cookie.  
I’m sure there is much more I will miss that I don’t realize yet.  What would you/do you miss from Norman? 

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