Science Fiction Does Strange Things to My Imagination

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been on a recent Sci-Fi kick.  For those of you who know me, I’ve never been much into science fiction, fantasy or fairytales.  I like real life.  I’m very literal and don’t entertain thoughts beyond my own reality…most of the time.  Since I’ve gotten married, this has slowly changed.

Marriage has done strange things to me.  Being with the person I love has turned me into a giddy and goofy girl.  It’s also influenced my feelings on alternate universes.

This all started when I decided to read a sci-fi book written by a fellow writing student from the University of Oklahoma.  I read this book while away on my honeymoon.  I was presently surprised with how much I got into the book and how much I enjoyed the characters.  Reading about monsters and the end of the world was a bit of a stretch, but it was vacation and I was open to something paranormal.

It must be a guy thing (yes I know I’m not supposed to gender stereotype) but Chris has also tried to peak my interest in the fantasy world.  We watched Super 8 together.  The first time I was completely disappointed.  Not at all what I expected.  The second go round, I went in knowing it was a silly scientific film and I actually enjoyed it.  I started learning to prep myself before watching Chris’ selections.  If I could remind myself of the genre, I was more willing to be more forgiving and less critical.

After Super 8, we went into a J.J. Abrams binge, leading us to the television show Fringe.  I’m sure most of you have already seen the entire series.  We don’t have cable, so Netflix has just now introduced us to the show.  Again, I prepped myself for what was to come.  Fringe is a stretch and I don’t like some of the episodes, but I do enjoy the intrigue.  In addition, the characters are delightful.  We’ve just completed season one.

All that to say, my imagination has really enjoyed being free of limitations.  It’s no longer trapped in the known world in which Sara lives, but it’s free to roam into new galaxies and dimensions.  In recent weeks, I’ve had some of the craziest dreams I’ve ever had.  And I’m not sure how my mind comes up with this stuff.  The fact that my mind is going places that it never has before, just because I’ve never let it before, is somewhat creepy.  It’s like I have more control over what I think, than I previously thought I did.

If that blew your mind, then I’ve done my job.

But, seriously, as a writer I’m always dreaming up a new story.  I meet a new person and in the back of my mind, I’ve already written a novel about their life.  I read the news and I’ve got a television drama ready to be produced.  I watch my pets play and I’ve written a children’s book teaching life lessons.  Stories just come to me naturally.  With all the sci-fi stuff I’ve been getting into, my mind drifts to some of the craziest places.

Today I sat in a meeting fighting boredom.  It’s a meeting that I usually enjoy, but today, not so much.  We had a quick presentation from a sponsor at the beginning.  The sponsor passed out booklets advertising their products.  Throughout the professional development speech, I created an apocalyptic world of my own.  In my world the enemy used this new product to take over the world.  It was such a clever scheme that human beings were killing themselves without even realizing it, because this was a product they insisted that they needed.

Ironically enough, the guest speaker was talking about the texting and driving campaign to get students to stop texting in the car.  We as a society think that text messaging is so important that we are willing to risk our lives, and risk getting into a wreck, to do it.  Throughout this two year campaign, the company isn’t seeing a decrease in texting, even though it can be proven to cause wrecks and deaths.

How silly is it that we know for certain we are putting our lives in danger when we text and drive, yet we still do it.  Each and every day.  And texting, of course, is not the only example.  We are careless creatures.  Maybe a bit arrogant…and stupid, with a superman complex that says “nothing can hurt me.”  (We all have to remember, “Even Batman has his limits.”)

What I walked away from the meeting pondering was the question of, how can we truly impact another’s life?  With the public relations campaign, this company put out commercials, billboards, worked with the police, presented at schools and businesses.  With all of the work they put into it, people are STILL texting and driving.  We can see personal testimonies of families who lost children, people who have been in wrecks due to texting, but we STILL text and drive.  We still think it doesn’t affect us, that we are somehow exempt from it all.

I’ll admit that I’m not a fanatic for the texting and driving campaign.  Yes I want to save lives, but I’m not going to share their ads on Facebook or attend their presentations (because today was boringggggg.)  But, when it comes to other aspects of my life, particularly my faith, I want to know how I can truly impact someone else’s life.

Do we impact others by what we say to them?  Can we change someone else’s behavior by sharing our own story/testimony with them?  Will other people really listen if we show them pictures or videos?  Are they going to turn to Jesus if we take them to church?  Will they finally ask for repentance if we introduce them to a Bible app?  

What is it that we can do as followers of Jesus to truly impact someone else?  How can we show them Jesus in a way that causes them to want to change their behavior?

I’m struggling with that this week. Questions and comments are welcome.


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