Batman/Superman Movie!? Ugh…

Christopher Nolan left the world with the most incredible Batman Trilogy of all time.  Though I’m partial to the 90’s Batman films because I grew up on them, nothing beats Christian Bale + Hans Zimmer + the realistic portrayal, by Nolan, of the most epic superhero ever created.

The Dark Knight Rises, though not as fulfilling as I’d hoped, ended this era of history on a superb note.  Of course, I knew Batman would one day return.  But, I also knew no one would ever be able to beat the combination I explained above.  And Batman was not supposed to return THIS soon!  This weekend’s announcement of a 2015 Batman/Superman combo still makes me cringe.  
Yes, it’s too soon.  And no, Batman should never be included in a multi-superhero blockbuster such as the Avengers.  I’m still cringing.  To bring Batman down to the level of another, like Superman, that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Ugh…I still can’t believe it.  If you can’t tell already, I’m not happy about this.  It’s just too soon to replace Christian with another.  
But, as rumors have it, Hollywood is in search of the next Batman already.  Chris and I spent the weekend looking at blogs and articles predicting who the next Gotham City hero may be.  No one is good enough.  I came to the sad realization last night that no one may ever be good enough…at least not in my heart.  
So while Hollywood is predicting this guy…
I decided that I’d better make a few predictions of my own.  I guess they are more of opinions than predictions, because I’m sure my ideas of Batman are not what they are looking for.  But, alas, if anyone can be a better Batman than Mr. Bale, I’d have to select him myself.  
My third choice would be Joshua Jackson.

He stole all of our hearts in high school, or in my case college, as Pasey from Dawson’s Creek.  I am currently watching him on Fringe.  It’s his voice that gets me.  He has an amazing voice.

Second recommendation is James Marsden.

Great facial structure, nice Bruce Wayne smile.  He makes girls fall in love with every character he plays – 27 Dresses, Enchanted, The Notebook.  It’s time he moves from the chic flick scene to play a better superhero than Cyclops.

And my number one pick for the next Batman – Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Because, he is hands down, the BEST actor of all time.  And if you need proof, read this article on why he is my favorite!  If anyone could pull of the new Batman, it would be him.

Who would you choose as the next Batman?


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