Take a Ride!

A little tid-bit about myself this morning – I love roller coasters!  The thrill, the excitement, the adrenaline.  My favorite vacations as a child were those which involved amusement parks.  And I didn’t just love riding roller coasters, I was a slight bit obsessive.

I watched the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel shows that listed the top 10 coasters in the US, and the top 10 coasters around the world.  I spent hours on theme park websites learning the speeds, heights and stats of coasters around the country.  I could tell you random facts about roller coasters that you never cared to learn.

I also built them…on Roller Coaster Tycoon.

I played this silly game for hours, building and creating my own world with thrill rides that no little man would ride.  I dreamed one day that I would be an engineer and build them in real life, or that I would be a test rider – the person who rides them each morning looking for problems.  Boy, wouldn’t that be the life!

Interestingly enough, that’s not where I ended up, but I still enjoy visiting Six Flags and Frontier City.  Which, sadly, I haven’t done in years.

In honor of myself, and those like me, who miss the Titan, and dream of Batman, or even the Diamond Back, this is for you!

Taking the Plunge on California’s Coasters

I did hear a rumor that RCT is coming out on iPad in 2013.  This year is almost over.  I expect it to be delivered.


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