Norton-Sanner Scenes, Vol. 2013 No. 8.13

Today I’m introducing the new title to those random blog posts.  Those posts that contain multiple ramblings of our lives.  I’ve mentioned before that sometimes we have too much going on to post individual blogs that cover each topic, and at those time I jot everything down at once into what becomes a long and mixed compilation of stories.  But, I never know what to call those posts.  From here onward, I’m giving them the name “Norton-Sanner Scenes”. 

In the future, I may write a post explaining why I chose the name, “Norton-Sanner Scenes,” but for today, I give you the very first:

Norton-Sanner Scenes, Vol. 2013 No. 8.13

We are still unpacking at the new place and working the logistics of a move.  I’m hoping to finally get a new drivers license with my new name…only 8 months after getting married and of course new address.  It’s beautiful up here in the hills and trees.  Our place is in the middle of the city, approximately 10 minutes away from anything and everything we could ever want, well…anything that Oklahoma has to offer.  Yet, we are right next to a huge park and it’s so quiet you wouldn’t know you were living in the city.  It’s the best of both worlds.  The smaller apartment size fits us perfectly and it’s beginning to feel more like home.  

The week after moving my body just shut down.  I guess it was telling me that I’ve worked it too hard.  Moving can be a hard task, both physically and emotionally.  I was out a day of work with a fever that I couldn’t keep away.  It was miserable not being able to go to work, and not being able to continue to unpack because I physically couldn’t move.  Chris took good care of me and lots of sleep seemed to heal my body.  It did put us a few days behind in the unpacking/making home, but we are recovering.  

Last week, Chris called around midnight after I had gone to sleep and he was driving home from photographing a lightning storm.  He had been in a wreck.  A woman hit him from behind when he was stopped at a red light.  My heart raced as I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and headed for the door.  My car was in six inches of water.  Thankfully it started and I made it out of the parking lot.  Chris’ car was hit at the intersection coming into our neighborhood.  I met him in the pouring rain and stood looking at his poor Jeep that was smashed.  He was fine, other than a small cut on his leg.  The woman who hit him also ended up being fine as well.  From the looks of both cars, it was amazing that neither drivers were injured.  Though, we were all three shaken up pretty badly.  

It took a while for the report to get filed and the ambulance to clear both drivers.  The woman, who hit Chris, apologized so many times.  I was thankful we both had the chance to tell her it was all going to be okay.  We couldn’t be mad due to the fact that she and Chris made it out of the wreck safely.  

As for Chris’ car, we are still waiting on insurance.  We expect the Jeep to be totaled.  It was a mess and not drive-able.  For now we are a one car family.  We don’t know if we will get his car back, or get a new car.  Financially it could be very good for us, or very bad.  It’s all a waiting game.  

It’s been challenging trying to move our family, while getting slapped with all of these other obstacles.  But, if anything God’s given us opportunities to show grace and mercy to those around us.  Which is exactly what we talked about in our new LifeGroup this past week!  Chris and I went to our first week of a couples LifeGroup with LifeChurch in our area.  It was fantastic meeting young couples like ourselves and new friends to grow with.  

Even when we don’t feel like it.  Even when it’s really hard.  Even when it doesn’t benefit us…we have to remember grace and mercy has been extended to us, when we were undeserving.  Praise Jesus!  Now we can share that with others.  

And to throw in some exciting news.  I found out this week that I will be presenting on social media practices at my non-profits National Convention in Washington D.C. this fall!  I submitted a proposal back this summer expected absolutely nothing to come of it.  I’m honored to have been chosen and excited to begin preparing.  We’ve also gone through year-end evaluations at work (our fiscal year runs from July to June) and I received an excellent evaluation with the possibility of a bonus coming soon!  

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