Norton-Sanner Scenes, Vol. 2013 No. 8.17

It’s crazy how fast life can change.  So much has happened in just a few days.  Here’s a preview:

Scene 1: Chris finally got a rental car.  It’s a cute little Toyota.  The insurance agent will be assessing his Jeep tomorrow.  We’ll find out if it’s getting fixed, or if we need to start car shopping again.  We hope in a few weeks to have the wreck situation come to a closure.  On the same note, Chris is going to the doctor tomorrow to get checked out.  He’s had some pain since getting hit (two weeks ago now) and we want to make sure there is not long term serious damage.  We are praying for a good note of health.  
Scene 2: School starts for me this week!  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  I’ve never realized until this past year just how much I love learning and researching and exploring and experimenting.  I can’t wait to get back into the classroom (so to speak…I’m taking online classes) and be challenged intellectually again.  I definitely love my job, but I miss critical thinking and reading that stretches my imagination.  Maybe I’m a nerd, or an intellectual snob.  Why school work and 600 page books give me a thrill, I have no idea.  But, I’m getting back into it!  Two semesters to go and I’ll officially have my Masters.  After that, who knows!?  Some days I dream of becoming Sara Norton-Sanner, Ph.D. 
Scene 3: I’m in love with our new apartment.  The size, the decor, the location.  It fits us.  I finally feel at home.  Everything has it’s place, it’s clean, and it smells nice.  It finally looks like a “grown-up home.”  At this point in my life, I feel like a successful adult and I have a home to match it.  I praise Jesus that he has given us the opportunity to afford a place we love and have jobs that allow us a comfortable standard of living.  So many people never get what we have.  It’s all too easy to forget that. 
Scene 4: We went to the wedding of one of my dearest high school friends, Mrs. Danica Higgins.  
She was a beautiful bride and you could see the happiness radiating from her face.  Danica and I became friends in high school being in Student Council together.  I was at Falls Creek with Danica when she accepted Jesus.  She came to visit me at OU and while I was in Fort Worth.  I went to see her at Lake Texhoma.  We’ve shared many memories together and I’m so glad I was there to celebrate with her as she married the man of her dreams.  
Scene 5: I wore my hair in a ponytail for the first time in years this week!!  That’s a huge accomplishment for me.  I’ve attempted to grow my hair out so many times, and have always given in and chopped it all off.  This is my best attempt thus far!  It’s been a long, tough road.  Hair takes so much time and effort and emotion.  I never realized how easy I had it with a pixie cut.  You just wash and go.  I’ve come so far this time, and I’m actually going to keep growing out. 
That’s All Folks! (For now.)  


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