The New Batman is…

I’m missing the boat because we’ve been just too dang busy.  But, you know I can’t keep my opinion of the new Batman to myself.

The night the announcement was made, my husband came into the bedroom to wake me up and break the news: Ben Affleck as the new Batman.  You can read the article here – Ben Affleck Is the New Batman.  My response, “He’s too old.”  Then, I went back to sleep.

In my old age of 25, I value my sleep.  Why my husband was up browsing the web so late, I have no idea.  Why he woke me up to break the news, I have no idea.  (Well, it’s because he knows how much I love Batman!)  If Chris expected a reasonable response from me, he wasn’t getting it.

I woke up the next morning asking, “Is it true? Is Affleck the new Batman?”  I thought I may have dreamed the entire conversation.  Facebook and Twitter blew up that day and there was no mistaking it, Ben Affleck will be Batman.  

If any of you read my predictions of the new Batman post, here, you are well aware that Affleck was NOT my choice.  Upon news being confirmed, of course I was not excited.  I was telling the truth when I said in my sleepy confusion that Ben is a little bit old.  He’s not extraordinarily handsome like Bruce Wayne.  His wimpy muscles won’t fit into the Bat suit.  He doesn’t measure up to Christian Bale, or Adam West, or Val Kilmer.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I could see where Affleck might make an okay Batman.  As hard as that is to admit…

Reasons why Affleck could probably pull off the Dark Knight character:

#1. He’s got a comic book character shaped face.

I’ve always thought Ben’s face was a bit oddly shaped.  It’s rather long and slender.  Not bad by any means, but not always considered “handsome” either.  When you say Affleck is Batman, in my mind, I picture a cartoon character Affleck in a Batman mask.  With his oddities, he portrays more of a cartoon/comic Batman than a real life Batman.  But, this works for me.
#2. His acting skills aren’t too shabby.

Consider him in some of my favorite movies The Town, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Argo.  His characters in these films definitely make the movies worth watching.  That being said, he can’t mess up Batman too terribly bad.  
#3. He has a bad boy look.
As Batman, he is sure to intimidate the bad guys with those mean eyes.
#4. He has a nice smile.

As Bruce Wayne, this is perfect for wooing the ladies.

#5. He can grow shaggy hair.

In case Batman decides to disappear again for a few years.  

#6. He can drink enough protein powder to grow Bat muscles.

All the other actors do it. 
#7. Lastly, no one said this guy could make it either.  
Even though a Batman/Superman movie is such a dumb idea, I’ll give Affleck a shot.  

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