I’m Lovin’ It!

Joining in on a fun post this Labor Day weekend!  It’s so nice to be at home on a Saturday with NOTHING to do, but blog and read and drink some coffee! 

Drink: Dr Pepper Icee

This summer my favorite drink stop spot has been 7-Eleven to get a Dr. Pepper Icee.  I was never truly a fan of Icees as a child, but for some reason they have been calling my name this summer. An Icee is the perfect drink to cool off during this over 100 degree weather in Oklahoma!  The only thing better than a Dr. Pepper Icee would be a Diet Coke Icee.  I’ve been so tempted to write 7-Eleven and put in this request.  
Saturday Morning TV: Animal Rescue
My husband and I have spent our free Saturdays watching Saturday Morning television.  It’s just not the same without Bugs Bunny and Road Runner, but our new favorite show is Animal Rescue.  Firemen and policemen rescue trapped animals.  It’s adorable.  We both sit in front of the television like 5-year-olds and make sad faces at the tv screen when dogs are stuck in pipe lines and cats get their heads stuck in sewer grates.  These babies get rescued and returned to their owners.  It’s precious! 
You can watch the cat rescue at this link – http://youtu.be/i2HpyFiEJ0s I’m on my iPad and can’t embed 😦 

Book: Zealous Love – A Practical Guide to Social Justice


I picked this up on a trip to Half Price Books for a couple of dollars.  It’s been very convicting, eye opening and inspirational.  It includes information articles and personal short stories about eight different social issues around the world.  It touches on human trafficking, unclean water, refugees, hunger, education, environment, HIV/AIDS and iquality.  
I’m half way through the book and it’s incredible.  Having traveled around the world, I thought I was somewhat educated about these issues, but this book has brought to light so much more.  With each story, my life is touched.  It’s made me realize that I have no reason to complain about the things I want that I don’t have and it’s helped me see what more I can do to help.  
My favorite quote thus far – “A terrible irony in our world today is that while the developing world struggles to feed itself, the developed world is killing itself with its eating habits.” 
Thanks Katie for letting me link up today!  Visit Katie over at Katie Did What!!

One thought on “I’m Lovin’ It!

  1. I've never had a dr pepper icee, but that sounds so yummy!!! I used to get a cherry icee when we went to Target when I was growing up and it was always a treat! It's been far too long since I've had one and that needs to change ASAP! :)Thanks for linking up with me! Enjoy your relaxing Saturday!xo

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