Turn! Turn! Turn!

I want to get back to Blogtember with Jenni @ Story of My Life

Day 6. Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn. 
My life has been made up of nothing but turns, it seems.  If you follow along with my blogging, you’ve read about most of them.  The spontaneous, misunderstood and unusual paths that life takes are the easiest to write about.  
Instead of just picking one turn in my life, (for my own entertainment) I want to do an experiment.  I actually want to track the major turns my life has taken.  
Because it’s an experiment, I even want to hypothesize what I think I will discover.

1. Because my life was so consistent the first 18 years, I’ve taken the last “half” of it to take major turns every few months and break the monotony. 
2. I have given other people too much power letting them dictate too much of my life, instead of writing it myself.
3. I may have forgotten what it looks like to have a normal, every day routine in life.

Turns of Life: event (age)

Growing up on 3rd Street à grandma passes away (7) à accept Jesus as my Savoir (7) à become a cheerleader/want to be popular (12) à  decide popular isn’t cool/strive to be myself (14) à finish high school successfully (18) à  move to East Central for college (18) à  leave East Central/transfer to OU (19) à  become a feminist (20) à spend summer in the Philippines (20) à graduate college successfully (21)  à spend summer at camp in New Mexico (21) à  move to Texas for Seminary (22) à move into dorms at Seminary (22) à move back home from Seminary (23) à  start working as substitute teacher (23) à  stop taking classes at Seminary (24) à move to Asia to teach (24) à  move back from Asia (24)   start dating my now husband (24) à  move to Norman for work in OKC (24) à get married to my husband (24) à  move to OKC (25) 

As you can see the past few years have been a bit up in the air.  I didn’t stay in one place for very long and at times I didn’t understand why.  The most difficult struggle that I have had with all of these twists and turns has been a disappointment in myself, feeling like I’ve wasted time.  
Maybe I’ve wasted time trying different careers, living situations, and opportunities, having many of them not work out.  Maybe I’ve wasted time by not dating my husband all those years we were best friends.  Maybe I’ve wasted time traveling around the world only to move right back to Oklahoma.  Maybe I’ve wasted time trying to be someone I’m not to make other people happy.  
I’ve come to discover that I am both right and wrong about my above statements.  
Right – Exploring cities and trying my hand a new jobs was and is never a waste.  The opportunities we have shape us into the person God created us to be.  We know that God uses all things for His glory if we let Him. 
Wrong – Not all, but a lot of my “turns” in life were chosen as a result of the actions/attitude/words of someone else.  I gave other people too much power to tell me who I need to be and what I need to do.  It’s still a struggle and this needs to stop. 
I think we can learn lessons from all of life’s turns.  Especially if you over-analyze them like I do (just did)!  Today I find comfort in the fact that God holds it all together for us.  We aren’t alone in the journey of life, even through the darkest and most difficult turns.  I am also encouraged by Pixar’s 22 Rules of Phenomenal Storytelling.  Particularly #17.  


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