Photos of Me

With Jenni @ Story of My Life 
I completely forgot to blog yesterday!  I guess it just slipped my mind.  Although, I did sort of make up for it.  The prompt yesterday was about social media and how it has defined us.  Ironically, Jenni was right on target again, as this was one of the questions we discussed in LifeGroup last night!   Our church, Life Church, is going through a series called Friending, and Pastor Craig shared how social media is changing how we make friends in both positive and negative ways.  
If you want to hear his latest message you can here – Friending Week 1!
So, if you are in my LifeGroup, you know my answer 🙂  If not, sorry you missed out.  Now for getting back on track…  
Today’s Blogtember topic is simply a self portrait.
I don’t often take photos of myself, and I’m usually never in photos, because I’m always the person behind the camera.  The photo below was taken in my car on my iPhone.  Just as I’m not often in pictures, I don’t often get “dressed up.”  My workplace is pretty casual.  I get to dress business-y for meetings and conferences, but we do a lot of work outside in jeans and t-shirts.  A good friend of mine from high school got married a few weeks ago and I had the opportunity to wear a pretty dress, put on lots of make-up and spend extra time on my hair.  

I’m going to ‘cheat’ and show you one more photo, because the above version is the “Special Occasions Sara.”  This next photo I took of me and my puggy (after about 20 tries we finally got a good one!).  It’s a better reflection of how I appear on a regular basis.  Very simple, carefree, and natural, with some crazy wavy hair that is out of control.  
On a different note, maybe I’m just getting older and out of touch with what’s hip and cool, but I’m so glad Jenni used the title “self portrait.”  I don’t know what it is about that other “s**fie” word, but it weirds me out.   So much so that I don’t even want to type it.  Strange?  I’ve never been a fan of the word “bestie” either.  Those “ie” words people make up.  
You can agree or disagree.  I prefer to stick with the originals.   

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