"Bones" in Real Life

How many of you thought of the television show “Bones” after hearing about the skeletons found in Foss Lake!?

For those of you who don’t live in Oklahoma, and have no idea what I’m talking about, let me catch you up!  Or rather, I will let newsok.com catch you up:

The discoveries of two cars and six bodies in Foss Lake has reopened decades-old western Oklahoma cold cases. Family members of six people reported missing in the area in 1969 and 1970 hope the Foss Lake discoveries will provide answers to their loved ones’ cases.”

Crazy, isn’t it!  Six missing people from over decades ago were found in a lake.  In Oklahoma.  My first response, “Time to call in Bones!”

My husband and I love the show, because it reminds us so much of our relationship.  He always pokes fun at me because I resemble the character Dr. Temperence Brennan, on an almost daily basis.  IMDB does a good job at pinpointing my personality, as they describe Brennan: “Brilliant, but socially inept.” 

I guess that’s not the worst someone could say about me.  Lots of people love the character played by Emily Deschanel.  

A few examples of Bones’ conversions, that reflect our own…

1) Dr. Temperance Brennan: [said frequently, whenever confronted with pop culture references] I don’t know what that means.

2) Booth: Reason for wanting a gun?Brennan: To shoot people.

Booth: Not a good response.
Brennan: It’s the truth.
Booth: I’m writing “self-defense in the performance of my duties pursuing suspected felons as contracted out to the FBI.”
Brennan: So I can shoot them. 

3) Booth(on the phone with Parker) Monkeys are Daddy’s favorite! They’re just like people!

 Bones(interrupting) Actually, three million base pairs of the genome differ in protein encoding and other functional areas.

Booth: What?
Bones: The differences between chimps and humans.
Booth: I’m talking to a four year old, Bones.

My husband never knew when he married me that he would have to teach me every pop-culture reference known to man, and help me increase my vocabulary.  I never knew it was so difficult to get someone to understand what I’m talking about and follow my conversation.  We have more mis-communications during our conversations than anyone I’ve ever talked to.  Chris usually laughs; I usually get frustrated.  But in the end, we still really like each other.

There have been many conspiracy theories on what happened at Foss Lake.  The authorities have no idea when, if ever, the cases could get solved.  The identities of the skeletons may never be known.  But, hopefully these events can bring some closure for families who lost loved ones.

Chris thinks some kind of spirit lures drivers into the lake.  He also watches way too much Supernatural.  I’m just shocked that after all these years, no one found them.  Two cars in a lake…that’s a little fishy.

What do you think happened!?


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