Norton-Sanner Scenes Vol. 2013, No. 10.1

Scene 1: I skipped out on the last day of Blogtember, sorry if you were looking forward to it.  This week is one of the busiest weeks of the year for our non-profit.  Our annual fundraiser, which consists of a soap box derby car race, will take place this Sunday!  I’ve been in meetings, sorting t-shirts, creating billboards, writing press releases, and putting together a full-color four page spread that comes out in the states largest newspaper – The Oklahoman – tomorrow!  Make sure you pick up a copy to learn more about Rebuilding Together OKC!

Scene 2: But, enough of that, I write about work too much at work.  As for life, I’ve taken a break from Facebook to spend more time outdoors in the beautiful fall weather.  And by beautiful, I mean it’s still been in the 90’s here in the Sooner State, but I love it.  We enjoyed a few hours at the park this weekend sitting in the sun, reading books and playing with the puggy.  I forget just how much fun those days are! I’m learning more what it means to be myself, and do what I like, not what everyone else is doing, just because everyone else tells me I need to do it.  I’ll save that life lesson for another post.
Scene 3: I’m working more on my creative projects.  As I mentioned about a week ago, there is a new design coming to the blog, and my very own domain name!!  I want to wait until it’s just right before I release anymore information.  I’m in a hurry to display the site because I really like it, but I don’t want to do it prematurely and not give you the best.  It’s definitely more my personality, and if I forgot to mention, I’m excited!  I’m also starting to write creatively again.  Beginning a novel was on my New Year’s Resolution list, if you remember that.  I have officially started the story, but haven’t gotten very far along.  I want to dedicate time to it this fall/winter.
Scene 4: This weekend we are taking our baby Su pug to Puggerfest!  It’s a fundraiser hosted by a pug rescue based in Norman, OK.  I’ve definitely become a crazy puggy momma (as my Instagram name reflects – follow us @puggymomma!).  We can’t wait to let our puggy interact with other pugs.  She has a brand new collar, because she likes to chew them to pieces, and she may even end up with a costume.  You can absolutely count on pictures.  And….there may even be a new addition coming to the Norton-Sanner household!  (And NO I’m NOT pregnant!)

Just look at our happy girl!  She definitely needs a brother or sister!  Be sure to tell Chris you support this decision.


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