Can I Just Sleep at my Desk?

Do you remember the last time you were so exhausted you couldn’t even think straight?

That was me yesterday.  After working wayyyyy too many hours in one week (my nonprofit held our biggest fundraiser of the year on Sunday) my poor little brain wasn’t comprehending what others were saying, my words weren’t forming sentences anyone else could understand and my body wasn’t physically functioning normally.
All day at work, I wanted to mark items off my checklist, but I couldn’t seem to put pieces together to complete tasks.  I managed to make it through a planning meeting with an average set of notes.  I replied to most of the emails in my inbox.
I desperately wanted to write a blog that I promised last week.  I wanted to catch back up on homework.  I wanted to fold the pile of clean clothes sitting in the basket over the weekend.  NONE of that was happening.
By then end of the work day, I just wanted to manage not to fall asleep at my desk.  Thankfully, I made it.
My wonderful husband allowed me to catch up on sleep right after dinner.  I took a nice 4 hour long nap, followed by a restful 8 hour sleep.  Today I’m still fighting grogginess.
I was successful, once again, at pushing myself to the ultimate limits.  It’s always amazing to me, that physically, mentally and emotionally we can only take so much.  We hit a brick wall and everything within us protests until we just stop.
I’m thankful for rest and refreshment.  Hoping it will be a long while before I hit this wall again.
When was the last time you were this exhausted?  What do you do to refresh yourself?

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