Friends Around the World Link Up Blog Hop

I love travels!  You just learn so much when you visit/live in new cultures and places.  Today, I’m joining with Rachel (Brachel Boulevard) and Nicole (Treasure Tromp) for Friends Around The World Link-up / Blog Hop to make new friends who live all around the world!

I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to travel around the world!  You can see where I’ve been, and learn about what I’ve done on my “World Missions & Travels” page.

Currently, I’m living in my home state of Oklahoma with my sweet husband, whom I met in our small Okie hometown, and my puggy, who was also adopted in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma. My home.
People seem to have lots of misunderstandings about Oklahoma.  My husband and I are Native Americans, but we don’t live in tee-pees.  Oklahoma has a lot of ranchers and farmers, yet people don’t ride their horses down the street (except that one time I really did see a guy riding his horse down the street – He was the exception, I promise!).  Oklahomans, known as “Okies,” consider ourselves to be “southern” and live in the “south,” but if you ask anyone living outside of Oklahoma, they’d say there is little southern culture found here.
These are a few things that do define our great state:
#1. We love our football! “There’s Only 1 Oklahoma!”
 It's Football time in Oklahoma
#2. It’s ALWAYS windy! The song is correct.
#3. We have TORNADOES! And I’ve had the opportunity to chase/photograph them with my husband. 
The Campo Colorado tornado was thought to be the most photogenic tornado of 2012
#4. “Oklahoma offers the nation’s MOST diverse terrain. It’s one of only four states with more than 10 ecoregions, and has by far, the most per mile in America according to the EPA.  Oklahoma’s ecoregions – or, terrains/subclimates – include everything from Rocky Mountain foothills to cypress swamps, tallgrass prairies, and hardwood forests to pine-covered mountains. Each is graced with wide blue lakes, rivers and streams.” – travelok.com
#5. We have the highest incarceration rates for women.  (And a lot of other appalling statistics concerning the treatment of women).  I’m pretty sure Orange is the New Black could have been written about us.
 Daily 5: ‘Orange is the New Black’ Panel, Phoenix at Barclays, More
What’s unique about your current home?

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