Sara Meets the Bread Maker

I told you this series was comin’!  Let me explain a bit before I go right into my first “did you really” moment.  I have a quirky personality.  Some of the most obvious things in life don’t quite mesh well with me.  My mind doesn’t always comprehend life like other people do.  Over the years I’ve found myself in a lot of crazy situations.  Crazy being, “how in the world did you do that, Sara?” type moments.  I guess they make for a good laugh.  I thought maybe as I grew older and wiser, that I’d shape up and grow past awkward situations.  But, I haven’t.  I thought after one mishap, it was only coincidence.  But, I’ve learned after several of these, it’s just me.  So welcome!  Join my family and friends in asking me, “Did you REALLY just do that?”

A lot of my “did you really” moments have to do with food.  Because I’m not a very good cook/chef/baker.  Whoever said the woman belongs in the kitchen never met me.  I often joke that if Chris wants to eat, most days he’ll have to cook for himself.  After getting married, I have done better for myself and my husband, but I could still use lots of improvement.

When I moved into Chris’ home, I quickly discovered he had a LOT more stuff than I did.  I’m not sure where all of it came from.  And we downsized drastically.  One item we did keep, that I had never seen Chris use, was a bread maker.  I thought one day, we might make our own bread.

I had seen a bread maker one other time in my life.  I watched it spin the dough, and remember eating freshly made bread.  It was delicious.  These lovely memories convinced me that Chris’ bread maker would be awesome!

Fast forward 10 months into our marriage…we still hadn’t used the bread maker.

One night, on a whim, I decided it was time.  That lasted about five minutes when I discovered that we didn’t have live yeast, and this was not going to work.

Fast forward a few weeks later…I buy three packets of yeast at the grocery store determined to bake bread that weekend.

Fast forward two more weeks…The yeast still sat in the pantry.  I was clearly not that determined.

Until yesterday, when we ran out of bread.  No bread = no sandwich for lunch = Chris and Sara spend way too much money eating out at lunch time.

I thought, “I can just make a loaf and we won’t have to go to the store.”  (ps: I don’t like shopping, for anything).  First, I pulled the bread maker out of the pantry and cleaned off the thick layer of dust.  Proud of myself.  I turn it on to make sure it works before I went through the hassle of mixing the dough.  It does.  This is good!

I even looked up a recipe online, because we didn’t have an operating manual for the machine.  Following the instructions carefully, the ingredients were put into the bread maker.  I was a bit confused as to how I was supposed to make a “hole” in the mix to pour in the yeast, without letting the yeast touch the water.  But, I worked it out.  We were good to go.

Adjusting the settings, I hit go.  It shakes and moves and makes loud noises.

I look through the clear plastic top, and it’s done nothing at all to my ingredients.  It continues to shake.  But, nothing.  The water isn’t mixing with the flour, sugar and yeast.  I remembered that this is not what I saw when watching that other bread maker toss and turn the dough.

I’m always so impatient, and I didn’t want to mess up our bread, so I waited.  At about 10 minutes the manual said the bread maker would move into the second cycle.  At this point the dough should have been mixed, in order to be kneaded.  My flour and yeast sat in the exact same spot that I had placed them.  Nothing.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I reached into the pan to see if the gears were spinning in the bottom.  Yes, the gear was spinning.  Then Chris informs me that our bread maker is missing a part.  There was actually supposed to be some sort of gadget that sat on the gear, and the gear would make this piece spin to knead the dough.

Yeah, I really just did that.

After all those months of the bread maker taking up space in our pantry, and those weeks I let my yeast sit on the shelf, and the time I took cleaning and preparing ingredients, only to discover my bread maker is missing a part!  A crucial part.

When asking Chris if he knew that the bread maker was missing a part, he replies, “Why didn’t you know it was missing that part?”

I was just a bit agitated.  For one, that was HIS bread maker, not mine.  Two, why am I expected to know how the bread maker works? Is it because I’m a woman!? (you know I had to throw that one in!)  Three, if I’m expected to know it was missing that part, why didn’t he check it, as I cleaned it and as I prepared my dough, to make sure it was working properly.  He could have told me before I started.

Not wanting the waste all the ingredients, I spend the next 10 minutes kneading my dough by hand.  That wasn’t at all how I expected my evening to go.  But, it was a good anger management solution.  The dough sat for a few minutes and I kneaded it again for 20 minutes.  I was finally able to let the bread maker cook the bread.

The smell was amazing, it made our home feel warm and cozy.  I can actually say that I’ve baked my own loaf of bread.  Chris sliced it this morning for a sandwich.  All in all, I think we can call that mission accomplished.  Though Chris really enjoyed the bread, I didn’t think it tasted very good.  Maybe we can find the missing part to our bread maker and start perfecting that recipe.


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