Giving You a High Five on Friday

#1. Hate to be the Debby Downer, and you may hence forth call me a hater, but I feel like I just need to get this out: I’m so tired of seeing/reading/hearing about everything FALL!  In my world, the fall season has been wayyyyyy overdone.  Pumpkin flavored every-type-of-food-you-can-think-of.  I even had a pumpkin spice Hersey’s kiss…ewwww.  Way to ruin your kiss Hershey.  Pumpkin for decorations: sparkle pumpkins, chevron pumpkins, pink pumpkins, carved pumpkins.  Why buy something and spend all the time decorating it, when you are just going to throw it away when it shrivels up and dies?  And if it doesn’t shrivel up and die, where in the world do you find all that space to store it?!  Not in my 1,000 square foot apartment.  Fall clothes are out too early, for Oklahoma anyway.  I refuse to get out my scarves because I know the earlier I get them out, the earlier I will grow tired of wearing them.  Plus the coldest months in Oklahoma, when you really need your scarves and hats and boots are in January and February anyways.  Truth – I did pull out my boots this week because it’s been rainy.  Flats and heals aren’t so good in the rain.  Come back summer!  I want my shorts.

#2. Many of you know, I’m trying to grow my hair out.  I had long hair in high school/early college, then chopped it all off for a pixie in my late college years.  I LOVED that pixie cut and wore it for years.  In attempt for something new, I’m (trying my hardest) growing my hair out.  For the third time.  This week, to help me keep my sanity, I made a somewhat drastic change to blunt bangs!


I have a huge cowlick (is this what you call it?) on my right side that every hairstylist comments on, and it’s never allowed me to have blunt bangs.  But, I bought a bottle of mega hold gel, at the Dollar Tree of all places and worked some magic to create blunt bangs!   We’ll see how long this lasts…since I actually have to fix my hair now.

#3. Chris and I got library cards (FINALLY) this week!  The brand new library up by our home is gorgeous!


I’ve had a library card my entire life.  I love books and love reading!  I planned on working outside this weekend, but a cold front has just come through.  Thankfully I’ve got four books I can cuddle up and read instead.

#4.  I’ve taken a lot of personality tests in the past, because I’m a nerd and think that stuff is cool.  I know that I’m an INTJ, definitely an introvert, a green color personality, Type-A and slightly socially awkward (according to my husband).  This week I took the Gallup StrengthsFinder to learn my “top five signature themes of talent.”

I am an Achiever – every day I want to have accomplished something; Input – I like to collect information that I find interesting, and I have a variety of interests; Learner – always drawn to the process of learning new things; Restorative – I want to solve problems; and Intellection – I pretty much think all the time, about everything.

It’s scary how well these define me.  I may elaborate more on them in future blog posts.  Have you taken this test? Or others like it?  What is your personality type?

#5. I’m participating in blog Bigs & Littles this year!

From California To Kansas

I have a super-amazing Big named Savannah from Simple Moments Stick!  I’m grateful she is willing to share her knowledge and experience with me.  I’m hoping to learn some great tips and tricks to make this blog even better!

Linking up this Friday with Lauren

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2 thoughts on “Giving You a High Five on Friday

  1. I think your bangs look cute! My hairstylist always tells me I have a cowlick that’s hard to work with too, but I make it work by forcing my bangs in place when they’re really wet, letting it mostly air dry, and then drying it a bit with a round brush.

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