Norton-Sanner Scense Vol 2013, No. 11.11

We’ve been just a bit preoccupied with life events recently.  Between a brother getting engaged, a sister-in-law having a baby, my husband’s birthday and a weekend trip to Dallas, it’s been a bit crazy!   And with the holiday’s coming up, it’s not going to get any slower anytime soon.

Scene 1: I did go on a fun girl’s weekend trip to Dallas to hang out with two friends from college!  I miss my college friends so incredibly much!  The worst part about growing up and becoming an adult is making new friends.  It’s harder than it was when I was younger and didn’t spend most of my time working.   I’m very thankful Allison let us spend the weekend at her home!  We had a marvelous time!

DSC_0062me, Allison and Courtney

Scene 2: Chris had a birthday!  I’ve told him that he is now my “old man!”  He’s actually only 27.  To celebrate we had friends over at our apartment complex for a cookout.  The weather was perfect!  We played a few games and enjoyed the cheesecake and brownies I threw together.  The party was of course Ninja Turtle themed!  And my family bought Chris a new bike!  It was sort of a selfish request when my mom asked what he wanted as a gift.  Chris didn’t give my anything to tell her, so I told her he needed a bike.  We’d have settled for a second hand, Goodwill bike, but they bought him a brand new one, and we enjoyed our first bike ride together through the park!!  (I might love his new bike more than he does…)

Scene 3: We took our first family Christmas card pictures together!  I really enjoy the holidays.  It’s always been a family tradition to take a picture together for the Christmas card.  Now that I’m married and have my own family, this is a tradition I wanted to keep going.  Here are a few of my favorites:




Yes, we had to include the pug.  She’s our baby.  And no, I’m not going to tell you which one we chose until we send them out!

Scene 4: I have officially applied for graduation with my Master’s degree in May of 2014!  I’m enrolled in my final six hours for the spring semester.  It won’t be an easy semester, but I’m looking forward to it.  And looking forward to what God is going to do with this degree in ministry.

Scene 5: This week I leave for a business trip!  I’m attending the Rebuilding Together National Conference.  Chris was also able to make arrangements to go with me.  I will spend the rest of this week at conference, where I will present on social media, and Chris and I will both spend the first of next week vacationing!  In addition to this trip, we also have an fancy anniversary/Christmas trip planned with my family.  We will be cruising across the deep blue sea!  Both of us are definitely looking forward to both of these getaways.  Then, before you know it, it will be Christmas!


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