I Just Want to Put Air in My Tires!


I warned you guys about me. And it’s happened again. I came home this evening and face-palmed asking myself, “Sara, did you really just do that!?”

Yes, I did.

Since I began working at my current job, which involves visiting construction worksites, I’ve had more flat tires than in my entire previous 10 years of driving. For some reason, nails are attracted to my tires. I find myself at the gas station filling up my tires with air probably once a week. It’s an inconvenience, but it’s never really bothered me…until today.

The low tire light in my car is almost constantly on. I try to ignore it, until I convince myself that if I don’t air up my tires then my car will explode. (I have an active and worrisome mind).

This week I’ve had to drive a good distance for a conference. I wanted my car to be up to the challenge. But, yesterday I forgot and ended up never making the time for it. This morning when I ran out to my car, in a hurry because I’m running behind, I forget that I need gas in my car, and that I should probably air up those tires.

We live in a strange place right off the highway, but there isn’t a gas station on our side of the highway. So, this morning I go out of my way (running late – remember) to the gas station. My car gets filled with gas and I wait in line for air. I currently know which tire has a nail in it, so that’s the tire I fill up. It took 15 minutes waiting to air up the tire. I decide that one tire is enough for now. Got the bad tire taken care of and I’ve got to get moving.

Sadly, when I get back in my car, my light is still on. I huff about it and keep driving.

On my way home from the conference, I stop at a gas station before I hit the highway again. I’m going to air up the rest of the tires. Get out of my car and push the “on” button for the air machine…it doesn’t work. I huff to myself again. Get back in the car and hit the highway again. (Sorry tires).

I had a list of things to do, because I’m headed out of town in the morning, so I decide that I will stop by my pharmacy, then go pick up my dog, then run my other errands and fill up my tires at that point.

Pharmacy…check. Go home, get dog, walk dog..blah blah blah…check. By this point its dark outside. Daylight Savings is not my friend.

I dislike driving at night. I can’t tell distance very well during the day, and at night it’s worse! The bright lights also blur my vision. If I had my way, I wouldn’t leave my house after dark, ever. I honestly wish I could just be a bear and hibernate during the dark, cold winter.

But, someone chose to change the time and it’s dark by 6pm. And I have to get my errands run. And my car tires still need air. My pug and I stop at the first gas station. It costs $1 for air. Several problems: A) I have no cash and the machine won’t take credit 2) I don’t want to pay for air when it’s free at 7-Eleven.

We drive down the road to the 7-Eleven. I get out of the car, push the air on button, fill up my tire…check the gage and it hasn’t moved. Repeat. Check the gage, same level. Repeat. Someone pulls in behind me. (I get really nervous when people have to wait on me. I’m not sure what this disorder is called, but I’m fearful they will get angry with me, they are judging me…performance anxiety maybe ??) So I try ONE more time for the tire. Gage still hasn’t moved. I huff to myself, third time today. Fourth gas station.

Get in the car. We are moving on.

I continue to drive down the road, searching for another gas station. We just recently moved and it’s dark. I’m not familiar with the area. I can’t see well. I pass the next gas station and end up across the turnpike outside of the city. Look for a place to whip around and go back to the gas station.

I drive around the station scouting out an air pump. Nothing. Seriously I make a huge circle around the whole minimall. When I’m about to get back on the main road, I see the air pump! It’s behind a humungo pickup truck. Let me tell you just how much I dislike huge trucks….they take up way too much space, you can’t see around them, they make it difficult to park, and they HIDE the air pump!

Thankfully I have a little compact car, I’m able to wedge my baby car into the slot between the monster truck and the air pump. I barely have room to get out of my car. AND he is sitting in his car!! Watching me!

I squeeze out…and see it costs 50 cents for air. UGH!

Get back in the car, dig in my purse. Thankfully I found two quarters and a few pennies. Finally, I can make this happen.

I pay the dues to the non-7-Eleven charging for air gas station. Fill up one tire, I’m good. Second tire, fantastic! I get to the third and final tire…and my time for air is up. I check it with the gage to see the progress and it’s only half full!

With no more change….I huff to myself. Get back in my car. The low tire light is STILL on. After five gas stations and one hour of driving around the city, in the dark, I STILL have one low tire.

For some reason, I’m absolutely determined to take care of this problem before I leave the city.

I think, “Hey Sara, maybe you should go back to that 7-Eleven and try again. Maybe you were just nervous because that guy was waiting on you. You should try again.” I should never listen to myself…

Yes, I went back to the 7-Eleven to give it another shot. No one waiting on me this time, no anxiety. I try to fill up the tire…nothing. Try again…this air thing is just not working. I feel like a moron. I try a third time and get nothing. At this point I’m done!

I remind myself why I don’t like driving in the dark, why I don’t like running errands and why I don’t like listening to my own advice. Then think…”Did I really just do all of that!?”

It’s dark. I’m cold. And I go home. I’ve wasted more than an hour. My puppy is ready to get out of the car. And I still don’t have air in my tires.


3 thoughts on “I Just Want to Put Air in My Tires!

  1. haha! that sounds terrible. I feel ya on the performance anxiety thing- i ALWAYS assume the people are impatiently tapping their fingers and judging me while they wait! hope you get the tires fixed soon 🙂

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