Mid-Afternoon Coffee Break

I can ALWAYS use a good cup of coffee.  And meeting new blogger friends is just a plus!!  So grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and read along.  Don’t forget to check out the amazing hostesses – With in its Time and Taking Steps Home!  Feel free to join in, and if you don’t have a blog, post your answers in the comments section!!

+ where are you seated +
At my desk, in a cramped office, with a view of the parking lot.  Not my favorite place.

+ what are you sipping/munching on? +
Lipton Green Tea Superfruit (mixed berry) and Kashi granola bar

+ what you want to get off your chest first (feel free to be as deep as you would like) +
I’m currently struggling with not taking fault for others poor actions.  I tend to take responsibility for things that are outside of my control, because I feel that they reflect badly on my work ethic and performance.  I will apologize or worry about an incident that I can’t change.  I keep telling myself, “It’s not my fault.”

It’s not my fault my co-workers computer isn’t working.
It’s not my fault they haven’t responded to my email yet.
It’s not my fault if I wasn’t given proper instructions.
It’s not my fault when one team member doesn’t meet their deadline.

I don’t have to worry and stress over these things.  Thank goodness!

+ if you could choose anyone (besides us of course) who would you have coffee with? +
Currently, a new friend who lives in my city.

+ what is inspiring you lately? +
My new dance yoga class.
My two pug pups.
My desire to live simply.
My husbands thanks.

+ what are your plans after coffee? +
Getting back to work, unfortunately.  But, I appreciate the break 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mid-Afternoon Coffee Break

  1. mmmm a kasha bar! (love those!)
    hmm I love that “it’s not my fault” I’m guilty of taking other “faults” onto myself as well – so stepping back to remind myself that it is in fact, NOT my fault is freeing (great thought!)

    I’m glad you joined in with us!

  2. “I will apologize or worry about an incident that I can’t change.” Wow, you pretty much listed the story of my life, girl. 🙂 Isn’t it relieving to know that we don’t have to worry about such things? Now I just need to remind myself of that truth more often… 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us, Sara! I loved meeting you for coffee. 🙂

  3. I agree.. It’s tough getting the blame or guilt for things that are not your fault. It’s frustrating, really. Sorry you’re going through that 😦

  4. Way to take ownership of your situation and accept that some things are not in your control. It is never your fault when others fail, only when you make mistakes yourself.

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