Happy Valentines Day To You!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Sharing little valentines to a few people/things/loves that I’m loving right now, along with Kiki and Britney!
Dear Rebuilding Together, I’ve had a marvelous year and a half serving with you.  I’ve loved each and every one of our homeowners that we have been able to impact.  Their smiles will stay with me forever.  As I resign from my position today, I say thanks for all you do for our community, and thanks for the opportunities you have given me to grow and flourish professionally.
Dear Norton and Sanner families, you all have been incredible supportive as Chris and I continue to build a family together.  From sharing yours homes with us when we come to visit, to taking us out to dinners, to being just a phone call away, I couldn’t have made it without you.
Dear Norman friends, we miss you so much!!  Thank you for making trips to the big city to visit us.  We love sharing birthdays with you and being included in your lives even though we don’t live in your city.  You make our lives so sweet.
Dear Puggies, you both have stolen my heart.  I love coming home to your wagging tails, not being able to eat a meal without your barks, being kept warm by your cuddles, and the sense of responsibility and loyalty you give to me.
Dear Chris, you are my one true Valentine.  You make my life so much fun.  Your character constantly inspires me to be a better person.  Your unwavering support allows me to be a strong and brave woman.  I love you dearly.
I will leave you all with my favorite Valentine’s Card of the season by the artists :
In Its Time

9 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day To You!

  1. What sweet valentines! I love the pug one and the cute little pug valentine, too. Being greeted by wagging tails (and barking, too, in my case!) is the best greeting of all. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. We did! It was pretty laid back. Neither my husband nor myself are very big on the day, and since we are all into saving money, we didn’t even exchange gifts. You could say we are party poopers…or just extremely practical…haha How was your holiday?

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