So Much Snow!

When I woke up this morning (on the eve of my birthday) snow still covered the ground as far as I could see.  It was blinding in the bright sunshine – crisp, white and sparkling.  As I began my rather slow commute to the office, I realized a few things…

[ONE] I gladly admitted that closing down practically the entire state of Oklahoma due to the weekend’s snowstorm was a good idea. 

During my twenty-minute drive down the interstate, I saw 7 vehicles that had ventured off-road as a result of slippery, snow-covered highways.  Two of these vehicles were upside-down.

That’s more than enough proof to claim Oklahoman’s cannot drive on snow/ice.  Slow down drivers!  Or better yet, don’t drive in the first place.  When the weatherman says avoid traveling, it’s best that you listen to him.

This validates my decision even more to stay hibernating in my apartment during winter weather.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify working from home another day, and had to leave the den to make an appearance at work.  My commute was surprisingly not so bad.

[TWO] My Chevy Aveo drives much better on icy roads than my Ford Mustang ever did.

The Mustang may have been a bit more hip and sexy, but anytime it snowed and I had to travel, I feared for my life!  I remember almost hitting a fence in high school when I drove through blizzard-like conditions for a Student Council meeting.

I vowed that day to never ever, ever drive on slick roads again.  And I actually didn’t…until I grew up and got a big-kid job that I couldn’t skip each time I saw a snowflake.

The Aveo has finally put my fears to rest, and restored my confidence.  I’m fully prepared for another blizzard.  But, I’d be just fine if we didn’t see snow again until next year.

[THREE] Thank you, thank you, thank you construction workers!

This morning I watched several construction men and women working outside on our roads.  As I mentioned, snow still covered the ground.  The roads were extremely slick, making working conditions even more dangerous.  And that Oklahoma wind is ferocious!

I’m sure the construction guys (and gals) showed up this morning because they had to, just like me.  But, I am so grateful that they continue to work in the frigid weather to repair our roads and bridges.

On any given day, construction workers are amazing!  And today, they deserve even more recognition and thanks for all that they do!!

[FOUR] I’d never been more excited to be back in the office.

When I finally made it to the office, I couldn’t help but smile.  I had really missed my work.  Over the weekend, I’d developed a bad case of cabin fever.  It’s March.  That means it should not be this cold.  Up to point, I let the snow and ice slide.  But, this time around, I was fed up with it!

My apartment started feeling really cramped, dark and stuffy, and extremely boring.  I was ready for a change.  Apparently, I didn’t realize just how ready I was.  Today was a very rewarding workday.  I left with a feeling of accomplishment.

And by the end of the day, all the snow had vanish.  Here’s to hoping for a warmer week!


4 thoughts on “So Much Snow!

  1. I do NOT like driving in snow- I try to avoid it at all costs! Glad you were able to get to work with no trouble 🙂 And if I’m reaching correctly- today is your birthday? if so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you’re having a great day!

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