The Struggles of Daylight Savings

Strange occurrences have happened at our home due to the Daylight Savings time change.  I don’t know about any of you, but it’s kicking my butt!  It seems like the older I get (just entered my late 20s!!), the worse my body takes the time adjustment.  I absolutely love seeing the sunshine after I get off work.  But, there has to be another way.  The whole idea of shifting life around by an hour twice a year just blows my mind.  I’m still not convinced it’s beneficial to anyone.

Actually, this week, I’ve been convinced of the exact opposite.

My snooze button is even more irritated than I am, because it’s been pushed more times the past week, than the entire last year combined!!


My coffee intake has also been on the rise for the last three…oops four days…

Hey,Waitress!  I NEED MORE COFFEE! NOW!source

I’ve become a night owl, and if you know me, you know that’s the biggest irony EVER.  (I’m frequently referred to as the grandma of the group).  Normally, I’m a morning person, but not this week.


And it’s not only me that’s been confused due to the time change.  My poor puggy, Suruchi, slept on her pee-pee pad today!!  She must be one sleep girl.


And our other pup, Maggie, rolled out of bed this morning.  Like, literally, rolled over, fell OFF the bed and hit the floor with a loud thump!  This has never happened before.


This time change has got us all off our rockers. Even the local news station has proved my theory!  Studies Show Daylight Saving Time Causes Accident, Health Problem Increase

I think everyone’s owed a pass this week for the silly things we do.  (And I really hope it’s just not me and my family!)

What silly thing have you done this week as a result of Daylight Savings?

Jade and Oak

4 thoughts on “The Struggles of Daylight Savings

  1. oh my goodness – your pups! suruchi sleeping on the pee pad – so sad and cute hehe. thanks for linking up 🙂 the linkup can always use more pugs 🙂

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