Aztec Dress (Homemade Dress #1)

I have made my first dress!!  It’s far from perfect, but it’s mine.  And it’s one of a kind!

photo 2-1 (1)

I began my dress with the goal of having it finished by graduation day, so that I could wear a new dress to the ceremony.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it.  I overestimate my ability to complete tasks.  I always think I can do something much faster than it actually gets done.  I’m learning to give myself extra time.  I think what drives this desire to finish as fast as I can, is the fact that I want to impress people.  In my head, completing a task quickly, or quicker than expected, is a good thing.  But, it’s not a good thing if the task isn’t done well.  And it’s not a good thing to set an unrealistic deadline for yourself, and then not be able to meet that deadline.  That’s a lot to learn from simply sewing a dress, but it’s been a repetitive lesson in this season of life.  All that to say…I didn’t finish when I wanted, but I still accomplished my goal of sewing my first dress!!


A lot more goes into sewing than just putting two pieces of fabric together and pressing a pedal.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of preparation.  As much as I wanted to be finished in an hour, it took me more than an hour to cut my pattern.  And of course, I could write a life lesson on being patient and waiting for God to prepare your heart, but I’ll spare you that one 😉

photo 3 (1)
I set up a temporary sewing table (aka card table) in the living room.  As you can see by all the scraps in the floor, sewing is a messy job.  My dogs loved it because they had lots of fabric pieces to chew on.  I’m sure they probably ate a few…oops.

photo 1-1 (1)And anytime I sat in the floor to measure or cut, I had a little helper.  Maggie is our cuddle-pug.  She loves to give snuggles.  I ended up in the floor a lot – remeasuring, recutting, repinning.  I started with the dress pattern a little bigger just to make sure it would fit.  Because of this, I took it in three times I think, and it’s still a little big!  I also (twice) sewed the fabric the wrong way.  Thank goodness for seam rippers.

photo 4 (1)

I’m sure the dress project took so long due to my many errors.  As I mentioned before, the dress is far from perfect.  I had to make myself stop working on it.  Each time I look at it, I see mistakes I could fix.  But for now, it being my first dress, I’m satisfied in the turnout.  I’ve still got a lot to learn, and a lot more patterns to practice on!  Stay tuned for dress #2.


2 thoughts on “Aztec Dress (Homemade Dress #1)

  1. looks awesome! i really want to learn how to sew and i know i need to just actually take some time and try. and love your puggy helper! any time i’m on the ground or sitting, I have a pug crawl into my lap too haha.

    1. Sewing isn’t as hard as it looks, but it does take lots more time that I expected! I bought my sewing machine from a local sewing store, and they actually offer free classes with the purchase of a machine!

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