The Perks of Adulthood

This week was very exciting for our household!  We got a brand new washer and dryer!!

I’ve been telling everyone I know I’ve officially made it to “adulthood” because new appliances thrill me.  And you just have no idea how great they really are!

This new set is so quiet when washing and drying.  With our first load of clothes, I was actually frustrated thinking that the appliances hadn’t been installed correctly and the washer wasn’t working.  I soon found out it was definitely working, it was just so much quieter than our last washer.  It’s the little things 🙂  In addition, because we still live in an apartment, the upgrade was completely free!

We did have one unhappy family member, who was not so excited to see our appliances traded.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 8.46.30 PM
Miss Maggie does not like the maintenance men.

Or really any human-being for that matter… She loves her dad, and sometimes her mom, but that’s her limit.

Each time the maintenance crew, or anyone else, comes to the apartment, Maggie goes crazy.  She barks extremely loud, she runs back and forth, she growls and jumps.  Granted, it’s what a dog is supposed to do to protect her humans.  Maggie, however, takes it to the extreme.  She just won’t let up, the entire time we have visitors.  We are working on it.  She was a rescue.

As the men came to remove our old washer and dryer and replace them with the new, Maggie had a fit.  And honestly, this time, it was pretty cute.

They took the old dryer from it’s place and carried it outside. Maggie looked at them and barked, then she looked at me and barked.  She proceeded to run to the space where the dryer once stood, turned around in circles and barked, then run over to the men and barked, and run back to me and barked.

Her eyes spoke for her…”Mom! Don’t you see what they are doing! They…the men…they are stealing our stuff!! Are you just going to let them get away with that mom!? I can chase after them mom! I’m really fast!!”

And she takes off outside, barking at them once again.

It was great!  Again, I’m learning that part of being an adult means finding joy in the little things of life.


One thought on “The Perks of Adulthood

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