New Addition to the Family!

We are adding a new member to the Norton-Sanner household!  We have adopted a kitty!  Meet Mr. Django.

DjangoProfileDjango is a lilac point Siamese. He’s about two years old.  The name Django comes from the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Django Unchained.  (I’m sure you know how big of a DiCaprio fan I am, and Chris wouldn’t let me name him Leo.)

Our decision to get a cat was a quick one.  We had been living in our first home for a few months when Chris told me that it just didn’t feel like “home” without a cat.  Both Chris and I had grown up with cats.  I knew exactly what he meant.  Thus began our search for the perfect kitty to join our family.

Chris found a photo of Django online.  We couldn’t get over how gorgeous he was.  This adorable kitty was abandoned by his owners along with about a dozen others.  His cat family was taken in by Pets and People.  The next day we visited the shelter and met the loveable guy.  Immediately we knew he was our cat as he came right over to us and began purring.

Django&ChrisFrom the moment he came home, Django fit right in!  He is the cuddliest cat I have ever seen, always wanting to be the center of attention.  Django’s meow is soft and sweet, but he’s got a spunky personality.

We worried if the pugs would get along with their new brother.  The first couple of days Maggie drove us crazy, alerting us at all times of the cat’s location and activity.  I joked that she took on the role of “kitty patrol.”  Once she realized the kitty was not an intruder but part of the family, though, they became best friends.

Django&Maggie Suruchi, on the other hand, couldn’t care less.  She is only aware of those who serve her.  No one else exists in her world.

Playing with cats has always provided lots of fun and laughs.  I was excited to have a new kitty to teach new tricks and keep me entertained.  Chris and I started Django with the typical cat games hoping he’d be interested.  Ironically, we learned that the cat just wanted to entertain himself, but the dogs loved cat games. It’s proved to be hilarious!

Django ignores “games for cats” iPad game.  Maggie, however, is a pro.  She chases the red dot around with her pug nose and licks the screen to make it disappear.  Likewise, Django shows no interest in chasing a laser light around the house, but Maggie and Suruchi go crazy running after the it!  Maggie jumps on walls and slides around the laminate floors to catch it; Suruchi smashes her face into the floor attempting to eat it.

Lastly, Django isn’t phased by golf ball fetch.  The pugs, though, found that the golf ball is the perfect size to carry around in their mouths.  They will run after the ball rolling around on the floor, pick it up and bring it back.  I don’t know how we’ve gone three years without realizing our pugs like cat games!  I can’t decide if they like the games just because we are trying to play with Django and they are jealous so they join in.  Or if they really do like cat games, and not the dog games we’ve attempted to play with them over the years.  Despite the reasoning, it’s been so fun and we are glad to have Django as part of our family!


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