World Travels

pink represents the countries/states I’ve visited
green are the places I’ve had a flight layover
yellow are the top places I want to visit


I have a huge passion for serving the nations.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to visit multiple countries and have hopes of visiting even more.  There is just something humbling about seeing new cultures and people groups living their lives in a way that is different from yours.  It is no better or worse, necessarily, but different.  Of course, each culture can always be improved upon, including our own.  But, nothing compares to the transformation Jesus Christ can make in communities, beginning in the hearts of individuals all over the world.

By our faith and action we can draw others closer to God.  What power we possess through Christ!  Imagine how you could use it….

Looking for an international opportunity?  I would recommend any of these:

In middle school, reached out to those living just across the Mexican boarder with Way of the Cross Ministries.

I served in the slums and villages of Cancun through Mexico Missions.

Spend a summer doing media missions in the Philippines through The Task. Tons of student opportunities for summer missions.

Worked two years at Glorieta Camp with Lifeway.  Excellent way to spend your summer!

Taught English in Nepal for one semester with Lovem Ministries.

Where would you recommend I go next?

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